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Absinthe Jade Edouard

Absinthe Jade Edouard

Product Nr.: 1202

Shipping time:
10-12 days to USA
65.00 EUR
92.86 EUR per 1 Liter

This Jade Absinthe has a spicy note. It is the most extraordinary from the Jade Absinthe line.

Info from the producer: Not since the French ban of 1915 has the world seen a French Absinthe that boasts the quality of the famed Edouard Pernod label. Jade Absinthe Edouard is absolutely correct to the original, from its delicate tint, to its refined texture and delightfully aromatic finish. The exquisite taste of this absinthe is incredibly smooth, unique and delicious. Absinthe Edouard offers the connoisseur the genuine Belle Epoque Absinthe experience, and makes an impressively prestigious addition to any collection of fine liquors. We invite you to experience the unrivalled quality, tradition, and mystique that only Absinthe Edouard can deliver.

  • 72% alcohol
  • 0.7 liter / 23.65 fl.oz
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions the US states of FL, GA, AL, MS, TN, LA, SC we can not ship Absinthe with an alcohol content of more than 70% by vol. to those areas. Please order accordingly.

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