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Absinthe Vintage Comas

Absinthe Vintage Comas

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This vintage Absinthe bottle is from the Spanish Absinthe distillery Noguera Comas. It is approx. from the 1970ies. The distillery doesn´t exist anymore. The bottle still has its original sealings. Despite the label shows the number 68, the alcohol level is 60%. We were able to get a full case of 10 bottles. They are now available for sale. An vintage Absinthe bottle is a must have in every advanced Absintheur collection. This is a unique offer, and the good thing about Absinthe antiques is, the longer you posses them, the more valuable they get. Don´t invest in stocks, invest in Absinthe!

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  • 60% alcohol
  • 1 liter

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Absinthe Review: Absinthe Vintage Comas

Absintheur: Jack Thompson 11.07.2011

I am updating my review of this. Well, I wasn't going to open the bottle, but curiosity got the best of me, so I did. The aroma is all anise, as one would expect from a Spanish absinthe. This is what I expected with the taste also as most Spanish absinthes are overpowering in anise . The louche starts out very quickly and becomes very thick. While anise is present in the flavor, it isn't overwhelming. It is very well rounded and balanced with a nice creamy mouth-feel. I would love to have enough of this to drink on a regular basis as I really like it. Now that I've had it, the bottle is going back in storage until the next special occasion. :)
Absintheur: Jack Thompson 20.01.2010

I just got my bottle today and am VERY pleased! I can't comment on the taste as I'm not going to open this one. But as a collectable it's awesome. The bottle, seal, and label are in excellent condition. It's got a very good fill level and a beautiful golden green color. As absinthe continues to become more popular vintage absinthe is going to be even more highly sought after. And as every year goes by vintage absinthe is becoming more scarce. If you are into collecting, I highly recommend this. It is a beautiful rarity and sure to go up in value.
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