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Absinthe Mata Hari

Absinthe Mata Hari

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This Austrian Absinthe has a unique taste because of its anise free recipe. Its taste reminds of the scent of viola. It has a strong Absinthe effect, and can be mixed as well with Coke or Red Bull. The green coloration of this Absinthe is achieved without artificial colorings. The taste of Mata Hari reminds a bit of "Christmas" as some typical Christmas spices like cinnamon and clove are part of its recipe. Overall a pretty special Absinthe that you should try at least once to decide if you like it or not. 

  • 60% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter / 16.89 fl.oz
  • Anise free

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Mata Hari

Absintheur: brett smith 28.03.2013

I\'m not a big fan of the Austrian absinthes as a rule, and this one has a unique flavor, but this one is the only absinthe that caused me to completely lose a night...and not just me but everyone in our group...none of us could remember a thing. I mean, we couldn\'t begin to tell you what happened or what we did. Good thing we had a video camera rolling; there was no trail of mutilated bodies, no one turned violent or aggressive, nothing horrific, just a bunch of people clearly inebriated, laughing, and loving it. Would I buy it again? No. Am I glad I have a bottle of it in my supply? Yes. How did we drink it? Death in the Afternoon.
Absintheur: Christopher Martinez 28.12.2011

I must admit, I was surprised when I opened the bottle and the aroma of anise was absent... But, being the optimist I am, I decided to give it a fair chance with an open mind. A nice emerald green greeted me as I poured the first of it. I prepared it traditionally in the French fashion and was happy with the louche, starting at the bottom and working its way up to the top, a nice milky green taking over. The aroma was different and I was quite excited. I took the first sip... Holy Mother of the Green Fairy Herself!!! It was awful!!! Never in my life have I ever had to suffer through such a nasty, disgusting taste in my life! Old leather, overwhelming mint, and harsh salvia greeted me with a kick in the face! I will not make this purchase again...
Absintheur: Bernardo Cavaliere 28.05.2011

I must admit I am new to Absinthe, and Mata Hari new recipe was my first bottle. It is way better than Absente and any of the DIY kit Absinthes you can make from those kits you buy online both of which I tried afterwards, and also tastes better than Lucid in my humble opinion... which I am drinking at the moment ! It is also not hard to get in the USA and is also not insanely expensive, nor do you really need any sugar cubes. The 'effect' is quite pronounced and very pleasant. I drank my first bottle in a couple weeks, one or two drinks a day and had no ill effects whatsoever. It has no overwhelming flavor as it contains no Anise, but I found it pleasant with just cold spring water. I would buy it again. Good for beginners. Not too bitter either. Louches well.
Absintheur: Lee Butchee 13.04.2011

The only absinthe to give me a hang over. This absinthe is terrible and I will never buy it again! This is saying a lot considering my choice of absinthes (buying from itrw stores) is limited. The taste is horrible, like drinking dust with baby powder. The effect is minimal at best. And as I already stated, it gave me a hang over! YUK! Just YUK!
Absintheur: Benjamin Sawyer 18.04.2010

Mata Hari New Recipe is greatly improved over the older version. The flavors are wormwood, fresh mint, Salvia, fresh cilantro, spinach, and an almost spicy finish. The "Heady" feel is obvious (from wormwood, Salvia, and alcohol). I have not drank enough of this at one sitting to get the Salvia "experience" a previous reviewer mentioned. Smoking some 60X Salvia extract is a far more effective method to get that "out of body" experience. The flavors of the new Mata Hari are different and worth having stocked on your bar. I would love to know which ingredient makes this louche?! The louche starts as an iridescent fiery green growing into a milky-green, deep red, refraction of any back lighting to finish as a lite spinach-green, deep, opaque milk cloud. This isn't the best Absinthe I have had. It is definitely worth keeping around if even for a change of pace from your usual favorites.
Absintheur: ALEX WOOD 14.04.2010

I actually feel sick right now i couldn't finish the glass im soo dissapointed it was like drinking from an old grannys purse just crappy old rotting perfume and water if anyone is into this and would like to buy it from me id be glad to post it to you payment with paypal. Email me: purplenothinguk@gmail.com
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