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Absinthe Pernod 68

Absinthe Pernod 68

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SOLD OUT: Henri Louis Pernod bought the Absinthe recipe from a doctor called Pierre Ordinaire. In the early 19th century he began a minor prooduction line, which started the success story of the Green Fairy. This is the contemporary edition of the former Pernod Absinthe. A good one, rated as the best Absinthe in the MAXIM magazine.

  • 68% alcohol
  • 0.7 liter

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Pernod 68

Absintheur: Ádám Oláh 03.09.2010

I'd consider it a version of the Pernod d'Anis liqueur with some funny side-taste added and with less sugar. The mouth-feel is very thin, and the taste is nothing like real absinthe, apart from the taste of (star) anise. The bitterish side-taste became worse with every sip and the whole thing became disgusting by the end of the glass. I'd give no more than 2 stars even when considered simply as pastis, anise aperitif or anything else. I liked even Pernod d'Anis much better.
Absintheur:  Visitor 03.05.2010

If you want to taste some GOOD absinthe go and have a look for swiss region absinthes, because Absinthe originally comes from the “val de travers” area… The pernod absinthe is comparable with pernod pastis. It has some akward steel like taste to it, maybe due to the anise and the louche is not as creamy as swiss style absinthes. This is a very heavy absinthe, i think it's balance is not so good. It's like they just added wormwood to the pernod pastis. When Edouard pernod founded his company the absinthe was very good, as the company grew, (this was when the company changed the name to pernod fils) the quality of the absinthe went downwards but was still good. Then suddenly absinthe was banned but not in Spain, so Pernod continued their production until 1950 they stopped making absinthe. The modern absinthe is comparable with the spanish production, but in my opinion this absinthe could have been much better. It would be so nice if Pernod would make an accurate Edouard Pernod remake in small quantities special for the luxury absinthe market. all connoiseurs would be thrilled, for now they are all dissapointed.
Absintheur:  Visitor 16.01.2009

The taste is good, the louche is thick white foggy with a green accent in a 1 - to - 4, Pernod to Water ratio. I don't use sugar, as I believe it detracts from the real taste of absinthe. That being said, I do not consider this to be a worthwhile absinthe. While the taste is good compared to other products with the same alcohol content, there is virtually no secondary effect. The thujone level is almost non-existent. Louis Pernod would be ashamed had he lived to see this herasy be mentioned as an absinthe!
Absintheur: Adrian fiott 30.09.2008

A very nice Absinthe.full of character I also like the fact that it looks like a vintage bottle, at the original 68% its not to strong. the only shame about this bottle is that it is not green.
Absintheur: Raffael Santos 30.05.2008

Well I a chance to taste a vintage bottle of Pernod Fils & this bottle of pernod Absinthe, the only difference is that the newer product is much more crisp and the taste is slightly off then the vintage style. I really expected more from Pernod, I've even made better tasteing bottles of absinthe useing Everclear, herbs & anise extract myself....also the thujone level for my bottles are alot higher so i get a bitter worm-wood effect.......over all i would have to rate this between a 3.5-4 stars at max
Absintheur: Robert Stĺhlberg 09.05.2008

This is a verry cool on. If drinking it raw, hold your nose because the taste goes through. The taaste is verry harch but tastes right. When mixing it with sugar and water it stays still greenish. The taste is verry good when mixing it with sugar and water. This is one of my favorites and I recomend testing! But I have some complications with drinking it because it goes by my tolerans sometimes. There aare times I have drunk 1 and a half bottle on one night and survived... and there are times is "get too much" after just 4 glasses.... verry verry sneeky... be carefull... have fun!
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