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Absinthe Fountain Antique

Absinthe Fountain Antique

Product Nr.: A2131

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149.00 EUR

TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT: Approx. by September we will get new and improved metal fountains of the best quality. You will only get them at our online shop as they are especially made for ALANDIA.Therefore, when you are planning to buy a metal fountain, we recommend to wait a bit. Don´t purchase inferior quality fountains somewhere else, you will regret it || This Absinthe fountain is a one to one replica of the original Absinthe fountains that were used in the Belle Epoque. The Absinthe fountain Antique has four metal taps, a removable lid and a filter for the water. Experience the mystique of the Green Fairy like in the 19th century. This is truly THE Absinthe accessory.

  • Glass / Metal Work
  • 4 Metal Taps
  • Removable Lid
  • Water Filter
  • Height: 53cm / 20.9 inches

Check out our product video on YouTube and see how you use an Absinthe fountain:

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