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Absinthe Glass ALANDIA Brouille with Top

Absinthe Glass ALANDIA Brouille with Top

Product Nr.: A2224

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10-12 days to USA
19.90 EUR

Brouille Absinthe glasses are made for the perfect louche experience. Brouille Absinthe glasses have a separate lid on top. And this is how they work: After you have filled your glass with Absinthe, you place the brouille on top. Then you gently pour cold water (and sugar) in the brouille. The water flows in a thin stream through the brouille into the Absinthe. Because of the small stream the water mixes slowly with the Absinthe, which will louche in beautiful swirls. You do not want to miss out on the unique experience of drinking from a real brouille Absinthe glass.

  • Height: 19cm
  • Mouth blown crystal glass
  • The brouille can be used for other glasses as well   

Check out our product video on YouTube and see how you prepare your Absinthe using a brouille glass: 

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