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Absinthe ALANDIA Suisse La Bleue

Absinthe ALANDIA Suisse La Bleue

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In comparison to commercialized Absinthes, La Bleue Absinthes - the name refers to the slightly blueish color when you add water to the spirit - are produced with only the finest herbs, grown by local farmers. They are distilled using traditional artisan methods, colouring or any artificial additives would never find its way into a genuine Suisse La Bleue. Sipping this very special Absinthe is a sensory experience, the scent of honey and flowers, and the complexity of the first sip introduces you into a fascinating world of taste. Definitely an inspiration you will never forget.

Did you know..? Switzerland is often considered as the birthplace of Absinthe. In the 19th century, wormwood for the big Absinthe distilleries was cultivated in the Swiss valley Val-de-Travers in the Jura mountains. The humid climate guaranteed best quality. Right across the border, in the French city Pontarlier, many Absinthe companies, for example Pernod, had their headquarters. In Switzerland Absinthe prohibition took place in the year 1910. The label of our Absinthe Suisse La Bleue shows the original Absinthe prohibition poster. The date and picture on the left side symbolizes the founding of Switzerland, on the right side you see rotten landscape, symbolizing the downturn of the country blamed on the Green Fairy. In the middle you see the anti alcohol monk, which has defeated the Green Fairy. Actually this poster was an ironic reaction to Absinthe prohibition. The Swiss always loved Absinthe and although Absinthe production was prohibited you could always find clandestine Absinthes throughout the country...

  • 53% alcohol
  • 0.7 liter / 23.65 fl.oz

Absinthe Review: Absinthe ALANDIA Suisse La Bleue

Absintheur: tracy turner 15.12.2013

After many other experimental purchases from Alandia, in my opinion, this one is still the best flavored Absinthe. So crisp and clean when traditionally mixed with ice water and sugar cubes. I highly recommend this La Bleue as a starting point to anyone who is new to Absinthe and not sure what to purchase.
Absintheur: Ben Casey 08.04.2013

After reading a lot about the \"bitter\" taste and different ways to cover it, i was both suprised and pleased with the flavor. I mixed it with ice water and a single sugar cube, but the sugar cube probably could have been left out. The effects after one glass was subtle, but definate. This was my first experience with Absinthe and it is a very nice way to start. I will recommend it to my friends!
Absintheur: D E Chen 04.12.2012

This is still my Favorite over the last 10 years! I am always so glad that when I return there it is waiting for me. This is so smooth that I find it needs no sugar what so ever and is delightful to the palate, a treat. I cannot believe some of the reviews that thought it not even drinkable- too bad for them, more for us! Cheers!!!
Absintheur: Cornel Leahu 30.08.2012

I find that tasting several absinthes at the same time gives me a better perspective on differentiating the flavours. La Bleue could easily be called: Chocolate. Although I prefer mine with a louche, it is the only one of the three sold in the set with Heritage and Moulin Vert, that I can comfortably drink neat and undiluted.. when compared to the other two bitters. I have tried the "Belle Epoch La Bleu" and this is far superior in taste and smoothness. Prepared in the traditional way, this is one of my farorites. -Cornel "Tiger" Leahu
Absintheur: Jack Thompson 10.02.2012

This is a great new version of an old favorite. The La Bleues have always been among my favorites. Alandia has changed distillers for the La Bleue and replaced the Clandestine with this one. It has the characteristic floral aroma and flavor of the La Bleues, but is more full bodied and flavorful than the Clandestine. If you like the Clandestine you will positively love this new one! Give it a try.
Absintheur: Luis Perez Grau 10.08.2011

This along with the Suisse Verte are my favourites, Maybe this are less herbal than the Verte, but is fresher( and cheaper :-) ) sweet, very nice louche, definitely a bottle that always should be in any Absintheurs collection.
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