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Absinthe Jade Blanchette

Absinthe Jade Blanchette

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Jade Absinthe from Ted Breaux, the creator of Absinthe Lucid. Absinthe Blanchette is a reproduction of the original Absinthe which was distilled around 1900 at the Combier distillery. It is hand crafted and distilled in the old cooper alambics, that were once owned by the famous Pernod distillery. This Absinthe has a fresh and crisp taste. It is more powerful than Absinthe Lucid, as it is made according to EU standards.

  • 60% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter / 16.89 fl.oz 

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Jade Blanchette

Absintheur: dm Olh 14.05.2012

Definite wormwood character with a vague fennel-anise background and a wine spirit base. Something is \"off\" in the taste, like too much tails or something. Still a decent blanche (almost deserves a 4), but may cause some disappointment. This one pretty much supports the 19th French idea that a blanche is to be considered a semi-finished product.
Absintheur: kjell ge natland 09.10.2011

this one has a great effekt,the taste is not bad but rare.... kn the absinthe king off norway!
Absintheur: Jack Thompson 17.12.2008

A very nice blanche. Good flavor and louche. My favorite of the Jades is the PF1901, but this is definately worth a try.
Absintheur: Topi Niskala 06.01.2008

Hmm, interesting taste, but not one of my favourites. How to describe the taste then? Well, it's simple, but when you drink it carefully, you'll notice the immense depth that even the basic ingredients can produce. This is one of the few absinthes that taste much better with sugar. Good addition to collection, but not a must-buy.
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