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Absinthe Duplais Blanche

Absinthe Duplais Blanche

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from 35.00 EUR
70.00 EUR per 1 Liter
2 star rating
based on 2 reviews

The Absinthe Blanche from the Swiss Matter Absinthe distillery. It is available in different bottle sizes. The 0.7 liter bottle (shown on the very right in the picture) has the different Retro Design label.

  • 68% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter bottle is not produced anymore

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Duplais Blanche

Absintheur: Ádám Oláh 14.05.2012

It has a similar honey-like nose as la Bleue absinthes, but with a definitely cleaner character and with a strong touch of excellent, fragrant wormwood. Takes some time to get into it, especially for those unfamiliar with Swiss bleues and blanches, but gets more amazing with every glass.
Absintheur:  Visitor 07.04.2012

Absolutely horrible in every imaginable way. I don\'t know why this same absinthe is listed twice for different prices, but I will post this review on both. The smell was horrible, the taste just as bad. There is no absinthe smell or noticeable anise flavor at all. I don\'t even believe this is an absinthe. I feel like this is either a very bad brand or something has gone wrong in this bottle, seriously wrong!
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