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Absinth Hills

Absinth Hills

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2 star rating
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The Czech Absinth you will find everywhere in Prague. The Hills flavor is not very herbal, and the taste brings to mind sweet cotton candy. It is really not a traditional Absinthe, but when you don´t like the traditional taste anyway, this might be a good one for you.

  • 70% alcohol
  • 0.7 liter / 23.65 fl.oz

Absinthe Review: Absinth Hills

Absintheur: Adam Olson 04.06.2009

This is what dentists would call "mouth wash". This absinthe may be enjoyable if you see it as ordinary liquer, but as "absinthe" it's a waste of money. I would like to call it "tourist absinthe".
Absintheur: ADAM SCHUL 08.09.2007

it has a nice mint taste to it, but that's about it. i enjoyed it very much, and willl buy another bottle.
Absintheur:  Visitor 14.03.2007

Mr. "Absinth Is About Effect" here to award my first ever 1 STAR RATING! Ah yes, this absinth truely has no redeeming value. Somehow the "herbal" taste just comes off as really artificial, but you know...SORT OF. This of course is a bad thing, as it looks and tastes really artificial and there is really just and undertone of an ATTEMPT at herbal flavour. And the 70% alcohol couldn't be more obvious. The bottle? Ugly, very ugly! The louche? Nonexistant. The price? Expensive. But as I always point out, a good thujone content can always make up for this to SOME extent. But hey, they even screwed this up! Much like the Strong 68 (which is at least better tasting, cheaper and has a sweet bottle) you can't even feel the secondary effects until you're half drunk, and if I have to be half drunk to feel anything that means I'm going to have to gulp down quite a few drinks of this vile thing that's as bad tasting as Vision (but is forgivable due to it's INSANE effects). And why the hell would I do that with so many better drinks available for less money? Why would ANYONE!? In any case, congratulations, Czech Republic; you're the only country to get both my 1 and 5 star ratings-both ends of the spectrum! You got the best and the worst! Unfortunately, today I'm giving you the worst. Congrats to Absinth 35, though, which ironically is the same price! So go and BUY THAT INSTEAD!
Absintheur: Anders Jacobsson 26.02.2007

The first absinth I ever tried and I have alot of fond memories actually. This absinth works best as shots with sugar. You will get drunk as hell but the feeling is very nice. This absinth is not reallt so bad that some might think.
Absintheur:  Visitor 19.02.2007

Once and never more, this is the worst Absinthe from Czech republic (with Absinthium 1792). Chemical flavour and aroma, really bad colour. Only coloured alcohol - don't drink it.
Absintheur: Topi Niskala 04.02.2007

Uuuugh! Truly foul tasting swill. Smells like some strong cleaning chemical, and looks like that too. I did not even bother to try this the traditional way and went for the "bohemian ritual". Tasted like cotton candy dipped in some strong chemical and the aftertaste was bitter, but not pleasantly bitter as wormwood. I managed to drink one glass and will never try this again! Oh, and no louche.
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