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Vintage Anis Emile Pernot - SOLD -

Vintage Anis Emile Pernot - SOLD -

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Emile Pernot was a vintage Absinthe distillery. It shouldn’t be mixed up with the Pernod family, who were the founders of the legendary first Absinthe Pernod. This small bottle is a sample of the former Emile Pernot Anis. The bottle still has its original sealing, including its alloy wrapping. In our shop you will also find contemporary Absinthes from Emile Pernot.

Advice for the buyer: When you want to get the liquid out of the bottle without destroying the original sealing use a syringe to soak it out.

  • can be dated around 1920 after the Absinthe Prohibition in France in the year 1915.
  • 40% alcohol
  • approx. 0.05 liter 

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