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Absinthe Superieure Set

Absinthe Superieure Set

Product Nr.: S014

Shipping time:
10-12 days to USA
instead 76.00 EUR
now 69.90 EUR

69.90 EUR per 1 Liter
4 star rating
based on 5 reviews

The Absinthe Superieure Set is the epitome of quality. Absinthe Heritage and Moulin Vert are two green Absinthes, which are distilled in the histroical Absinthe town Fougerolles, France. Both Absinthes have a vintage personality. Absinthe Heritage´s flavor is intense, so is its louche, when you add cold water. Absinthe Moulin Vert is as well intense in taste with charismatic notes of cognac and dark chocolate. This is partly a result of the wine alcohol base, which is used for distillation. The premiumness is also reflected in the packaging and labeling. With a golden print (Heritage) and Belle Epoque design (Moulin Vert) the set adds the appreciated exclusivity to your bar.

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  • Heritage Verte 68%, 0.5 liter, France
  • Moulin Vert 68%, 0.5 liter, France
  • Instead of 78 Euro now 69.90 Euro

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Superieure Set

Absintheur: ALEX WOOD 18.01.2012

My head was swimming but my taste buds were not i really didn\'t like the taste of this one not for me and yes delivery time to the UK was really fast only 4 days.
Absintheur: Ryan Dyrr 30.10.2006

This was the first order I purchased from Alandia. A very good selection of 3 different varieties. Shipping to the US was very fast and secure. Not only that, but an error in shipping was dealt with in a prompt and courteous manner. I recommend this product and company to anyone. Cheers!
Absintheur:  Visitor 19.10.2006

As with most reviewers on this site I was impressed with Alandias delivery time - my order came in 6 days and was delivered on a weekend, and great care was taken in packaging. On to the absinthe- As a package this is a very good set for the begining or experienced absinthe drinker. It may not contain the number 1 top rated and reviewd bottles in the world, but for its price it contains a wide range of different absinthe tradtions, smells, and tastes. I will review each bottle in depth individualy. Overall the service and this package receives 5/5. Although I am not a huge fan of la bleue's the clandestine is by far one of the smoothest and well crafted absinthes I've ever tasted.
Absintheur:  Visitor 16.09.2005

just got the order, 4 business days after ordering, to the U.S.
Absintheur: Jeff Hunter 28.07.2005

I was very impressed with the entire set. It made it to my door in America in six days! As a first time customer of Alandia, I am most definitely coming back for more! Thanks!!!
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