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Absinthe Libertine Amer

Absinthe Libertine Amer

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This Absinthe represents what many Absintheurs are looking for. Libertine Amer is a distilled Absinthe from the historical region of Fougerolles in France. It has a significant wormwood bouquet, no sugar is added and it belongs in the category of bitter spirits, which stands for a triple amount of wormwood. We recommend serving this Absinthe with two sugar cubes. It is a clear favorite for those Absintheurs, who are looking for a good effect.

  • 68% alcohol
  • 0.7 liter / 23.65 fl.oz

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Libertine Amer

Absintheur: Nathan Buckley 28.07.2013

This really means what it says when it says Bitter!It has a strong taste as well as a strong dry aftertaste.If you use 2 sugar cubes and a bit more water it is quite good.
Absintheur:  Visitor 22.11.2012

I just took some of this stuff... first I was a bit skeptic about the reviews saying that it tastes like \"f-ing curry\". Most of the reviews were positive, so decided that it probably isn\'t that bad and bought it-- Not wise. It totally tastes like like curry and the taste doesn\'t go off--at the moment I\'m trying to rinse the taste off with both water and my another Alandia purchases. I do not recommend this to anyone, at least anyone who doesn\'t like drinking curry. It\'s awful.
Absintheur: John Scott Peter 02.06.2012

I am in love with this absinthe! I must say, first of all, my favorite absinthes are those similar to Suisse La Bleu/Grun: strong anise taste, musky, sweet, not very bitter. But I tried the Libertine Amer rather randomly at La Petite Absintherie in Leipzig, and was so blown away I bought a bottle. I\'ve never tasted any liquor more interesting or complex: it does have an anise component, with a nice louche, slightly sweet, with a hint of bitterness. But there\'s a very strong aroma and taste of dust, or of cave or cellar. Perhaps that doesn\'t sound very attractive, but if you\'re like me, you love the smell of a dank cave or cellar. You can just get lost in the taste of this drink.
Absintheur: Mark LaPolla 21.10.2011

I love this absinthe. After reading the reviews, I was expecting a strong but vile absinthe but found that it was a charming drink, no sugar needed, with plenty of the flavor, vanilla, licorice, wormwood, with a refreshing bitter finish. I am more of a fan of sour than bitter, though I like bitter, but this is a great combination of sweet and bitter, ouch I think I just went blind, hang on a minute, OK. I have never woken up in Morocco chained to a bed after drinking any Absinthe but this one may just do it. Anyway, I used a minimum of water, just enough so that La Louche barely touches the surface of the drink and absolutely no sugar. I filled the reservoir and then added just a few millimeters of water to get a solid, lovely louche. (My face is numb.) I don\'t get any curry notes, thought this absinthe is very spicy.It\'s more like a combination of Aleppo and licorice. I would order this again. I\'ve also ordered La Suisse Verte. We shall see how that is. I am very pleased with this Absinthe and very happy. Thank you. By the way, my wife, who does not like licorice or bitter flavors things just the smell is vile. Sigh!
Absintheur: Jason Singleton 09.10.2011

You can document me as one that absolutely loves this absinthe. Excellent louche, vanilla aroma, creamy sweet fronts and bittersweet finish! The fairy definitely tickles me so sweetly with this one. ^_^ So far it has been my favorite absinthe with no sugar (which I usually do not add sugar, unless the sugar is needed to bring out flavors of more complex absinthe).
Absintheur:  Visitor 09.09.2011

Tried this absinthe today with three parts cold! water. Detected an earthy undertone to it. Tried it with one sugar cube and loved the taste! The sugar definitely adds quality to the taste, try it!!
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