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Absinthe Moulin Vert Set

Absinthe Moulin Vert Set

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In the period known as the Belle Époque, many intellectuals and artists confessed their love to the Green Fairy. In what was considered one of the most notorious Absinthe bars in Paris, the "Moulin Rouge", famous Absintheurs like Toulouse Lautrec, Baudelaire and Van Gogh met for the "Heure Verte", the Green Hour.

Moulin Vert is a distilled Absinthe, made after a classic French recipe from the 19th century. No artificial additives are used and the alcohol level is set at classic 68%. This level of alcohol sets free the green color of the used herbs like hyssop and Artemisia Pontica that gives Absinthe its unique dark-green appearance. When water is added, Moulin Vert magically louches to an opalescent white. We recommend to serve Moulin Vert with three parts cold water and one sugar cube. Then the complex flavors will open its full effect and you will experience the fascinating vividness of this very special drink.

The set includes one bottle Moulin Vert Absinthe, two Absinthe glasses, two Absinthe spoons and wrapped Absinthe sugar cubes.

  • 1x Absinthe Moulin Vert, 68% alcohol, 0.5 liter
  • 2x Absinthe Glasses Pontarlier II 
  • 2x Absinthe Spoon Classic
  • 1x Pack wrapped Sugar Cubes
  • Instead of 64.50 Euro now 58.90 Euro

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