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Absinthe ALANDIA Moulin Vert

Absinthe ALANDIA Moulin Vert

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In the period known as the Belle Époque, many intellectuals and artists confessed their love for the Green Fairy. In what was considered one of the most notorious Absinthe bars in Paris, the "Moulin Rouge", famous Absintheurs like Toulouse Lautrec, Baudelaire and Van Gogh met for the "Heure Verte", the Green Hour.

In reference to this history-charged establishment, Absinthe Moulin Vert was created. It is a green Absinthe with wine alcohol at its base. Distillation takes place in Fougerolles, France, at the historical Devoille distillery. The distillery was founded in 1859 and until today it is family run with a great focus on tradition and quality. Moulin Vert is a 100% natural product, meaning that no artificial additives are used, neither for the distillation nor for the coloring process. The alcohol level is set at classic 68% to set free and preserve the natural green color of the used coloring herbs like hyssop and artemisia pontica. The result is a unique, vintage looking green appearance. Moulin Vert´s taste is intense and substantially herbal, with notes of dark chocolate and cognac. The latter is a result of the wine alcohol base used for distillation. We recommend to serve Absinthe Moulin Vert with two parts cold water and two sugar cubes. This allows the complex flavors to come forth in full effect so you can experience the fascination of this very special drink.

  • 68% alcohol
  • 0.5 liter / 16.89 fl.oz
  • Natural green color
  • Notes of cognac and dark chocolate

Absinthe Review: Absinthe ALANDIA Moulin Vert

Absintheur:  Visitor 06.04.2014

Very nice. Great louche, balanced flavor with great mouth feel. I will be getting more.
Absintheur: Ben Casey 03.07.2013

First off, the Louche was a dark thick delight. It had a wonderful layered flavor, and the effect was what i\'ve come to expect from a good Absinthe. Strong68 is still by far my favorite for price, louche, flavor, effect, and satisfaction, but i would still recommend this highly!
Absintheur: ALEX WOOD 18.01.2012

I am sooo happy i bought this one it has such a nice taste and effect on me even though its 68% i still had to have a sip on its own (i do with every now bottle) it totally warmed up my head instantly never had that happen before it was good and i Really love the colour of it this is how i want my Absinthe to look and also the bottle / label and poster are just Beautiful! I cannot say the same for the HERITAGE sample my head was swimming but my taste buds were not.
Absintheur: Jeffrey Accardo 20.11.2010

To be honest this is a very nice absinthe, the coloring is natuaral which kind of took me by suprise. What I have to say about Moulin Vert is that It louches beautifully (Opalescant White) and it has a very light flavor compared to other absinthes I have drank (most notably my favorites La Fee (verte) and Nouvelle Orleans). The Anise is not overpowering (not to say that a strong anise flavor is not my desire because I love it!). the important thing is it is set at the classic 68 is a verte and has a nice taste to it. a nice anise taste with a peppermint finish! I'm glad I have bought it and looking forward to buying Casseli (just to say I have tasted a bleau italian absinthe) and La Muse Verte (special edition (2005 for the frankincense hint in the taste)! The reason why I didn't give this absinthe 5 out of 5 is that It is a bit weak compared to my favorites but pickiness aside It is a good absinthe and I like it! CHEERS 4/5
Absintheur: ITHAQUA DARK 05.11.2010

Excellent, surprisingly sweet & smooth, leaves a tingly sensation on the tongue. Complex in flavour, what you expect from a good Absinthe. Balanced & palatable. Very quick delivery times, thanks all at Alandia.
Absintheur: Mark Fares 05.07.2010

This was the second of two Absynthes purchased for my first authentic experience, the other being the Suisse Verte Clandestine. While I admitedly had only these two to compare too each other, I must disagree with some other reviewers. I found the Moulin Verte quite good overall. While it has no where near as robust a bouqet upon opening as the Suisse Verte, this is helped slightly once it louches (though still mild when compared against the more robust Suisse Verte Clandestine). The initial color green is quite nice when poured. The louche was a little pale and transparent, which did give me mild concerns at first, however I found it's flavor quite good. I am drinking a glass as I write this. While there is a very subtle bitter aftertaste (and it is very subtle, only slightly noticable to me), it does not detract from the experience in my opinion. While not as layered, diverse, and robust in complexity as the Suisse Verte Clandestine, it is still a very flavorful absynthe, and has a rich flavor. In fact, I feel it has many similarities to the Suisse Verte Clandestine, and is a good alternative. I must say I do not taste any of the chalkiness, or overpowering mintiness others have mentioned. Though there is a noticable, faint hint of mint, it is far from overpowering. Overall I thought this was a very good absynthe, and a good experience. For those new to absynthe, with any doubts on whether or not you will like the flavor, this makes an excellent first purchase. I did not rate this as a 5, as the Suisse Verte is better overall, but this one is very good. For both bottles, myself and a friend prepared several glasses, using approximately 2 parts water to 1 part absynthe, with one Alandia sugar cube packet (2 cubes). We did also try a strait shot of each - not recomended. Only when consumed strait did I find this overwhelmingly bitter, with a powerful mint taste, and heavy alcohol content - but lets face it, it's 68% alcohol (136 proof) strait, which far out-strips many of the stronger whiskeys.
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