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Absinthe Kubler 53

Absinthe Kubler 53

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Some US Absintheurs might know Absinthe Kubler from their local liquor store. Kubler was one of the first Absinthes that could be bought after Absinthe legalisation in 2007. But this one is not the modified US version, it is the Swiss original, made after the classic Absinthe recipe from 1863. More herbs/wormwood is used what gives this original a more intense aroma compared to the US version.

  • 53% alcohol
  • The original Swiss Kubler Absinthe recipe (not the modified US version)

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Kubler 53

Absintheur: Nathan Buckley 25.09.2013

When I opened it & first smelled it I was apprehensive.It didn\'t smell like any other absinthe I have tried.It was fruity & floral.Ithought it was gonna suck.It had a sudden & dramatic louche.The smell changed to a more familiar one & the taste was a surprise.Mildly exquisite w/ a smooth bitter aftertaste.I was impressed & my wife loves it.A great starter absinthe & a good one for guests.Keep one on your bar,you won\'t be sorry.
Absintheur: Robert Ståhlberg 10.03.2011

It i strange.. the first time i tasted this.. I did "just like it" nothing special.. but the more different brands I taste.. The more I start Loveing this one.. This my be the best absinthe I have ever tasted... And that is strange cuz I Like the green and yellow absinthes.. the naturally colored fee verte.. But this one i crystal clear.. it is the taste that takes me.. It smell is herbish, Color is as I said chrystal clear The louche bilds up quick and look nice but it is verry normal louche.. nothing special... It has a super soft and comfortable velvet mout feel but with out to be thin.. verry pleasent! The aste is verry herbish.. much herbs verry good, no alcohol sting och no other sting either.. all herbs are verry balanced, exept for wormwood .. The wormwood feel is verry thin... but that doesn't matter cuz it tastes so good I mix with 1 sugar just cold water.. Too bad my contry doesn't sell this one any more.. got the last bottle 2 weeks ago :'-(
Absintheur: Andrew Brown 30.01.2010

Good! Fresh, minty, alpine, herbal. Blossoming fragrance when louching. A little off-fragrance before mixing ... but completely transformed when ice water is added. Louche is blueish and thick. Somewhat slow ... but opaque when complete. Thick mouth-feel.... Finishing my second bottle. Will be my "staple" brand when my option is to go to the local liquor store (VA, US).
Absintheur:  Visitor 15.12.2009

One of the best absinthes i know.. simple, but complex in a way. i drink this one with one sugar cube and realy cold water, another good thing is that it doesnt matter how much water you add, it always gets a good thick palette of taste. also the fairy effect definitely noticable. its true, the fairy exists :)
Absintheur:  Visitor 08.12.2009

The one available in the U.S. is unchanged, thats one of the reasons why it was the 2nd absinthe to hit the American market after(Lucid) the ban because Kubler did not want to change the recipe and they claim they didnt touch it at all. After having tasted both side by side the taste is pretty much the same and the louche is the same(both use star anise and green anise in recipe), I say pretty much the same because the bottle Ive had from the original Swiss version has had time to age, I actually taste slightly more wormwood profile in the American release.
Absintheur:  Visitor 07.12.2009

I tried both versions, the US version tastes differently and the louche isn´t as thick as the one from the European version.
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