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Absinthe Abtshof 80

Absinthe Abtshof 80

Product Nr.: A1270

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24.90 EUR
124.50 EUR per 1 Liter
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To celebrate its 80th anniversary, the Abtshof distillery produced this Limited Edition Absinthe with an alcohol level of 80%. Some people think that 80% spirits are only for the hardcore drinkers, but when mixed with 3 parts water, this brand can convince you otherwise with a nice herbal taste. Collectors pharmacy bottle.

  • 80% alcohol 
  • 0.2 liter / 6.76 fl.oz
  • Limited Edition
  • Contains colorings
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions in the US states of FL, GA, AL, MS, TN, LA, SC we can not ship Absinthe with alcohol content over 70% by vol. to those areas. Please order accordingly.

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Abtshof 80

Absintheur: Ples Robertson 20.02.2012

Finally I feel I can write a helpful review on this. After trying about 8 different Absinthes, this one is BY FAR my favorite. Great louche, amazing taste, awesome effect. Real nice \"relaxed\" feeling, and I even saw the mini blinds swaying back and forth (when they really weren\'t). Since it\'s so small, I keep this one as my own personal stash and don\'t share. I prefer this one at home when Im relaxing, watching tv or playing games
Absintheur: donald myers 13.09.2009

I loved this absinth. My second true absinthe i have tried. I have to say this is the best soo far. The smell is very attractive and the alcohol is only subtelty present. This absinth hits fast. after 2 glasses i was feeling quite good. I will deffinetly be buying this one again.
Absintheur: Joshua Seyfarth 12.03.2009

The pronounced "licorice" aroma slices your nose like a knife- but just because it smells powerful doesn't mean the taste isn't well rounded! I've tried other absinthes-admitedly only a couple- but my orders have always included this treasure. in a house of young men, this small bottle is a drink for 3. but it is better tohand out two tastes and keep this bottle for yourself. don't let it fool you though, 160 us proof doesn't sneak up on you....it hits pretty fast... it is a cornerstone of the rituals and is a glowing gem by the burning light of a sugar cube. if you savor, buy this.
Absintheur: Joe Pinsel 29.08.2007

I got this old school looking michievious bottle and drank it!!! I loved it so much I got another just for show never to be opened! But I may have to buy a third one to drink on rare occasions
Absintheur: Catherine Jessen 19.02.2007

Such a wonderful and well balanced blend. Extremely potent and a lovely louche .Perfect for those that want max thujon and max alcohol level. I do have to wonder of the origins of such strong green color, reminds me of the over exagerrated absinthe drinks shown in some popular shows of late. A serious sipping drink in a awesome collectable and hand painted numbered bottle. It is a much smaller portion in the size of the container but the price compensates. I dont think there are many left of these for sale. Truely a collecters item.
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