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Absinthe Thujon 33

Absinthe Thujon 33

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This is not a medicine, but with 33mg thujon and 40% alcohol this Absinthe can be used for spiritual healing. With 40% the alcohol level was set lower, so that the effects of the wormwood dominate. For any possible side effects consult your pharmacist...

  • 40% alcohol
  • 0.1 liter / 3.38 fl.oz
  • 33mg thujon

Absinthe Review: Absinthe Thujon 33

Absintheur: Johan Andersson 19.10.2014

Finished a whole bottle by myself the other night, some as a shot, and some as a mix in power king. Didn\'t feel anything other than I usually do from the same amount of vodka (10 cl). Nice taste though.
Absintheur: Valerie Goldsworthy 17.04.2014

I\'ve been wanting to try this a while now. The bottles are smaller than I expected however they apparently pack a big punch at small doses. Per a comment above 5mls does the trick. Looking forward to a great weekend. I haven\'t been disappointed with any absinthe I have bought from Alandia yet!
Absintheur: PJ Robertson 16.06.2013

I just finished my bottle of this. Me and a friend had half a bottle each, mixed between a 4 pack of Red Bull. The flavor is splendid. Tastes very herbal and pleasant. The first drink (1/4 the bottle) had me feeling pretty good, light and airy with a slight head change. Second drink had me feeling very nice, like I had been drinking Absinthe all night. Slightly light headed and playful. Very nice drink to have for a good time with friends
Absintheur: Ben Casey 19.04.2013

I bought this to add to a botltle of Lucid \"Absinthe\" that i bought here in the USA prior to realizing that it contained 0% thujon. After paying $70 for the bottle i didn\'t want to just throw it out. This was the perfect solution. The flavor of Lucid is actually quiet nice and finnishes smooth. This gives it a strong Absinthe effect. I probably will never purchase another bottle of Lucid again, but if i do find myself with a bottle in hand for some reason, i\'ll seek this for a solution. I may also buy a few bottles to have on hand as a mix for other drinks. This is great. Five Stars for sure.
Absintheur: Lesley Thomson 31.03.2011

If you're looking for effect this is the stuff for you! Kicks like a mule! Being an adventurous sort I tried this at different strengths... and with different things. You DON'T need to drink the entire bottle to get a kick out of it! A couple of mls makes you feel pretty good! 5mls is enough to make you fall asleep! (Especially when added to a glass of wine) It can be mixed with anything... water, coffee, wine, liquers, absinthe... depending on what sort of hit you are looking for. Even my absinthe-hating friends enjoyed this!
Absintheur: Anders Nielsen 28.02.2011

I usually mix it with some Versinthe, 1 shot of each, follwed by the french ritual. It gives a stronger herbal kick to the drink, while the effect is noticable more present. As for drinking it pure, it does have a healing effect. At least against sore throats and the flu. although it works, it is not a pleasant shot and you might moan loudly afterwards because of te bitterness. I know I did.
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