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Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier II

Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier II

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If you want to have an historical authentic Absinthe glass with solid craftsmanship this Pontarlier glass is your choice. The Pontarlier Absinthe glass is world renowned after being featured in a painting made by Charles Maire, a famous artist of the Belle Epoque. It has a reservoir in the stem to measure the correct amount of Absinthe. This version of the Pontarlier design is made out of thick glass. A good buy when you are looking for a dishwasher proof Absinthe glass for everyday use.

  • Height: 16.5 cm/ 6.5 inches
  • Pressed not mouthblown

The original painting of Charles Maire showing two Pontarlier Absinthe glasses:

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Absinthe Review: Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier II

Absintheur: Anders Nielsen 28.02.2011

This glass is both thick and made to last. This glass is truly made for first time absinthurs, because it can take a beating, even a trip through the dishwasher won't kill it, as for most other glasses. I can only recomend this glass for everyday drinking.
Absintheur: CHANEL NETCHAEVA 16.01.2008

I've purchased these glasses as a part of "Moulin Vert Set". Unfortunately, it won't let me write the review as the set. They are beautiful glasses. A bit thicker than most, which in my opinion, make them less elegant than others. Since they are a hand-blow, you can see some mold imperfections. But, I appriciate this as an art of craftsmanship. This is my first experience with Alandia's. I'm very happy with the service. Package arrived within the time frame they promise, and very well packed!!!
Absintheur: Luís Guiomar 31.01.2007

A vigorous and relatively tall glass. Well crafted, built to endure. It is not perhaps as elegant as others, but due to the excellent price/quality it deserves a 5.
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