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World of Absinthe anise free

World of Absinthe anise free

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44.50 EUR
89.00 EUR per 1 Liter

If you do not like the taste of anise in your Absinthe, you just have found what you were looking for. Absinthe Gold68 has a herbal taste, but no dominating anise/licorice taste. The Absinthe set has as well everything you need to perform the Absinthe ritual.

Important Note: We recommend to drink Absinthe Gold68 with at least two sugar cubes. You will see, the wormwood content of this Absinthe makes it bitter and this bitterness is not masked by sweet tasting herbs like fennel or anise as Gold68 skips these ingredients to create a non-licorice taste. Therefore the louche is also very light, as the louche is normally created by the essential oils of anise and fennel. To make it precise, Gold68 is not for the Absintheur, who is looking for a very complex Absinthe. Gold68 is straight forward: Wormwood is what it´s recipe is primarily about and therefore wormwood is what you will taste and feel! As this Absinthe is ansiefree you can also use it for mix drinks, for example Gold68 mixed with Ginger Ale and a slice of lemon or orange, depending on your preferences.

  • 1x ALANDIA Gold68, 68% alcohol, 0.5 liter
  • 2x Pontarlier II Glasses
  • 2x Spoons Classic
  • 1x Absinthe Sugar
  • Instead of 55.40 Euro now 44.50 Euro 

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