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Get our bestseller Absinthe ALANDIA Strong68, two glasses, two spoons and a pack of genuine ALANDIA sugar cubes and step into the World of Absinthe.

Info for new customers: The Absinthe Shop ALANDIA was founded in 2001. From this date on ALANDIA proudly serves the Absinthe community around the world. Shipping to the USA is made via fast airmail and the delivery is guaranteed. This means if the box shouldn´t reach you - whatever the reason might be - we will reship or refund you your money. It takes approx. 7-8 business days until the box arrives at your door. A tracking number is automatically emailed to you as soon as your order is shipped. Therefore you always know when the Green Fairy will knock at your door. If you have any questions or comments, just email us. Please check out as well our Facebook Fanpage with over 7000 satisfied ALANDIA Absintheurs. We would be happy to welcome as well you in the community!

  • 1x Strong68, 68% alcohol, 0.5 liter
  • 2x Pontarlier II Glasses
  • 2x Spoons Classic
  • 1x Absinthe Sugar
  • Instead of 55.40 Euro now 44.50 Euro

Absinthe Review: World of Absinthe

Absintheur: Alex Robinson 22.08.2008

recived this absinthe today...it is a great little set worth the buy if you are new like me, i hope anyone else who buys this set will enjoy it as well as i do happy buying Alex!
Absintheur: Pedro Barreiros 28.12.2007

Excellent packaging ,arrived on time and with some matches, sweets and stickers! I liked the experience , strong 68 louched very well and foggy a rather potent wormwood and strong anise taste so i recommend beginners like me to use 2 sugar cubes! It worked perfectly with both rituals. I'm very satisfied with the product and fast top quality delivery and recommend this pack to any beginner.I will certainly buy again with these fellows! Great job ALANDIA!
Absintheur:  Visitor 17.04.2007

Recieved my order today. Good packaging and fast delivery, which was great. Upon sampling the Strong 68 I really enjoy the smell of it and the taste is acceptable. My only complaints were that there was no louche at all and the aftertaste had a strange medicine like taste to it.
Absintheur: Ryan Best 15.03.2007

This was a great starter set. The items were well packaged for shipping, arrived much earlier than expected, and delivered on the taste and experience. I would highly recommend this set as a starting point into the World of Absinthe! I can't wait to try out what else Alandia has to offer!
Absintheur: Gary Simmonds 08.03.2007

This is without a doubt a great value set, and the best that i have seen on the web. Strong68 is a very decent absinthe, the glasses and spoons are nice and using the Alandia sugar cubes kind of makes one feel like a bit of a coneseur. Excellent value for money, well packaged, delivered in good time and even came with a nice little free gift pack containing matches, a sticker and some Haribo sweeties. Spot on!
Absintheur: Michael Rashidian 14.02.2007

I highly recommend this set for anybody who is interested in learning about the world of absinthe, or as a gift. This set comes with Strong68 which is a great absinthe for anyone who wants to get a good idea of what a general absinthe is like without spending too much. It's a good starter absinthe with its pleasant bouquet that is not too overpowering in any area so you will not be put off if you were to start with another more specialized absinthe. This set would be perfect if it came with Pontarlier glasses, but the glasses that it does come with are fine for a starter set and for someone who just wants to try absinthe out for their first time, or as a gift set. It also comes with two standard absinthe spoons and a pack of sugars. Overall, this is the best absinthe set to buy to start your journey into the world of absinthe. It comes with everything you need to start enjoying absinthe except for water. Also makes an excellent gift. For the price, you can't lose!
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