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< 68 percent

For Absinthe brands with an alcohol degree of up to 68% the Czech and the French ritual is best. The Czech way is to place the sugar cube on the spoon, douse it with Absinthe and light it up. The sugar caramelizes, and drips into the Green Fairy. The French ritual works without fire.

Absinthe Nemesinthe
A distilled Absinthe from Great Britain. The distillery is located in southwest London. It is good Absinthe for a perfect price.
30.90 EUR
44.14 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe Abtshof
This Absinthe has a very nice milky louche, and a lovely taste and bottle.
44.90 EUR
44.90 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe Serpis 65
Serpis Absinthe is from Spain and has a unique red color.
49.00 EUR
49.00 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe La Grenouille
The idea behind La Grenouille was to create an Absinthe with a southern and Mediterranean connotation.
39.00 EUR
78.00 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe La Charlotte
La Charlotte was a vintage Absinthe brand in the 19th century.
32.90 EUR
65.80 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe Cousin Jeune
Cousin Jeune was an Absinthe brand during the times of the Belle Epoque. Now this historical brand is for sale again.
57.00 EUR
81.43 EUR per 1 Liter
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