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Absinthe Brouilleurs

Absinthe Brouilleur Auto Verseurs
This is the one and only Absinthe "Auto Verseurs" formerly made for the Absinthe brand Cusenier. 
39.00 EUR
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Absinthe Brouilleur Terminus
This Absinthe brouilleur fits on all Absinthe glasses. It is a reproduction of the famous Terminus Brouilleur.
9.90 EUR
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Absinthe Brouille Top Inox
This Absinthe brouille fits on all Absinthe glasses. We love this Absinthe accessory for its simplicity!
9.90 EUR
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Absinthe Brouilleur Streamline
Another nice Absinthe brouilleur that works the opposite way. Which means you fill the Absinthe glass with water, then you place the brouilleur on top and fill the cup with Absinthe.
19.00 EUR
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