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Are you looking for the ultimate gift? Here it is: Absinthe, what could be more surprising than the Green Fairy..?

ALANDIA Absinthe Sample Collection
We were often asked, if our premium ALANDIA Absinthes are as well available in small bottles. We reacted and created the ALANDIA Absinthe Sample Collection! The Absinthes are nicely packed in small glass tubes in the look of cigars.
25.00 EUR
166.67 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe La Charlotte
La Charlotte was a vintage Absinthe brand in the 19th century.
32.90 EUR
65.80 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe L'Entêté
Absinthe L'Entêté, the hard-headed, is a distilled French Absinthe from the Combier distillery.
49.00 EUR
70.00 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe Kuebler Set
A nice Absinthe set with a traditional packaging. Including 1 bottle of Kübler Absinthe 53% and two etched Absinthe glasses and one Absinthe spoon. 
55.00 EUR
110.00 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe Sina Mini Set
A tiny little Absinthe gift set. Very cute in a wooden box.
22.00 EUR
550.00 EUR per 1 Liter
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