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Absinthe Decanter

For the Green Hour you need Absinthe and ice water to create the louche. Using an Absinthe decanter is the traditional way of serving it.

Absinthe Decanter Portieux
The Absinthe decanter Portieux is a dual-mouthed carafe. Why? Because it was like this in the old times! This is an authentic reproduction. Click on the picture to read about its functionality.
37.90 EUR
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Absinthe Decanter Pontarlier Anis

This Absinthe decanter is from the Francois Guy Absinthe distillery. It is decorated with the Pontarlier "Guy" Eagle.

9.90 EUR
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Absinthe Decanter Fleur de Lys
This Absinthe decanter comes with a nice flower design.
14.90 EUR
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