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Absinthe Spoons

An Absinthe Spoon is like a jewel, one of a kind and lasts for a lifetime. The ideal accessory to start an emotional relationship with the Green Fairy. You also need an Absinthe spoon to prepare your Absinthe the traditional way.

Absinthe Spoon ABSINTHE
Needless to say, a truly traditional Absinthe spoon with the stamping "ABSINTHE".
7.90 EUR
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Absinthe Spoon Ouvrages
This reproduction absinthe spoon is a reproduction of an antique original. 
7.90 EUR
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Absinthe Grilles Grid
A nice alternative to an Absinthe spoon is an Absinthe Grilles.
5.90 EUR
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Absinthe Grilles Cliffhanger
Cliffhanger? Why this name? Because you hang this special Absinthe Grilles over the edge of your Absinthe glass.
5.90 EUR
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Absinthe Grilles Gothic
An Absinthe grilles is a nice alternative to an Absinthe spoon.
7.90 EUR
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Absinthe Grilles
Besides Absinthe spoons, Grilles like this one were used for the Absinthe ritual.
7.90 EUR
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Absinthe Spoon Micro
This is the smallest Absinthe spoon in the world! You can use it as a keychain, earring, decoration for a necklace or as an Absinthe spoon for a shot glass.
2.90 EUR
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Absinthe Spoonholder
A very practical Absinthe accessory, and the most traditional way to keep your private Absinthe spoon collection.
49.00 EUR
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