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Absinthe Glasses

In this section you will find a selection of modern and traditional Absinthe glasses, like the two part Absinthe Reservoir and Absinthe Brouille glasses.

Absinthe Glass Pontarlier Premium
When you want to have premium quality combined with authenticity the Pontarlier Premium Absinthe glass is the perfect glass for you. It is mouthblown (not pressed) and made out of crystal clear crystal glass.
14.90 EUR
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Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier II
When you want to have an historical authentic Absinthe glass with a solid craftsmanship this glass is your choice. The Pontarlier Absinthe glass design is world renowned after being featured in a painting made by Charles Maire, a famous artist of the Belle Epoque.
7.90 EUR
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Absinthe Glass Skull
This unique Skull Absinthe glass is the perfect glass for our Hamlet Hardcore Absinthes.
9.90 EUR
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Absinthe Glass Versailles
Versailles is the famous palace of Louis XIV. This Absinthe glass represents this exclusiveness with its decorated ornaments.  
6.90 EUR
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Absinthe Glass Torsade
The swirl part of this Absinthe glass produces a nice display with the light.  
6.90 EUR
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Absinthe Glass Ecaille
The design of this Absinthe glass was inspired by the needs of the garcon, the French bistro waiters.   
6.90 EUR
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Absinthe Glass Lyonnais
With its nice ornaments this Absinthe glass fits perfectly to your Heure Verte.
6.90 EUR
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Absinthe Glass Périgord
This Absinthe glass has a very traditional design. Perfect for the sip of seduction.   
6.90 EUR
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Gin Tonic Glass Noblesse
For a perfect Gin & Tonic you need the perfect glass. The eyecatching crystal glass "Noblesse" combines premium quality with premium design.
5.90 EUR
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Tumbler Glass Noblesse
Our premium Gin & Tonic glass Noblesse is as well available in a shorter tumbler version.
5.90 EUR
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