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Welcome to our anise free section. These Absinthes are for those who do not like the licorice flavor. We can recommend these Absinthes as well for mixed drinks.

Absinth Hills
The Czech Absinth you will find everywhere in Prague. Its flavor is not very herbal, and the taste reminds more of sweet cotton candy than of real Absinthe.
36.90 EUR
52.71 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe ALANDIA Gold68
Absinthe Gold68 uses maximum wormwood for the strongest thujon concentration, but skips anise to avoid a dominating licorice taste. Instead, stimulating citrus notes are present, which give this Absinthe a pleasant body.
29.90 EUR
59.80 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe Mata Hari
This Austrian Absinthe has a unique taste because of its anise free recipe. Its taste reminds of the scent of viola. It has a strong Absinthe effect, and mixes well with Coke or Red Bull.
24.90 EUR
49.80 EUR per 1 Liter
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Absinthe Gruene Fee
Gruene Fee is the German name for Green Fairy. This Fairy has a sweet non-licorice taste with a touch of cinnamon. Not a classic Absinthe, but perfect for those Absintheurs who do not like a licorice taste.
26.90 EUR
38.43 EUR per 1 Liter
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