Absinthe ALANDIA Suisse La Bleue

Order the Original, order our La Bleue Absinthe. Only the finest herbs, grown by local farmers in the Swiss mountains find their way into this fine spirit. Novice and connoisseurs alike will appreciate the taste of this quality Absinthe.
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In comparison to commercialized Absinthes, La Bleue Absinthes - the name refers to the slightly blueish color when you add water to the spirit - are produced with only the finest herbs, grown by local farmers. They are distilled using traditional artisan methods, colouring or any artificial additives would never find its way into a genuine Suisse La Bleue. Sipping this very special Absinthe is a sensory experience, the scent of honey and flowers, and the complexity of the first sip introduces you into a fascinating world of taste. Definitely an inspiration you will never forget.


Why is there a freaky monk on the label of Absinthe Suisse La Bleue..?

Switzerland is often considered as the birthplace of Absinthe. In the 19th century, wormwood for the big Absinthe distilleries was cultivated in the Swiss valley Val-de-Travers in the Jura mountains. The humid climate guaranteed best quality. Right across the border, in the French city Pontarlier, many Absinthe companies, for example Pernod, had their headquarters. In Switzerland Absinthe prohibition took place in the year 1910. The label of our Absinthe Suisse La Bleue shows the original Absinthe prohibition poster. The date and picture on the left side symbolizes the founding of Switzerland, on the right side you see rotten landscape, symbolizing the downturn of the country blamed on the Green Fairy. In the middle you see the anti alcohol monk, which has defeated the Green Fairy. Actually this poster was an ironic reaction to Absinthe prohibition. The Swiss always loved Absinthe and although Absinthe production was prohibited for 100 years you could always find clandestine Absinthes throughout the country. In clear color, to camouflage the real content of the bottle.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin Switzerland
Alcohol 53%
Tasting Sweet like honey and fresh like a mountain meadow in the Swiss Alps
Contains Colorings No
Color Crystal-clear
Amount in product 0.7


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