Absinthe Green Ribbon

Looking for pristine nature? Green Ribbon Absinthe is just the right Absinthe for you as it is 100% natural.
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Green Ribbon Absinthe is a 100% natural and handcrafted Absinthe. It is distilled in the Bavarian Forest by the family-owned Eichelberger distillery. For its creation a time intensive, handcrafted process is used. Greeen Ribbon is a small-batch organic Absinthe. Only 30 liter can be distilled in one batch and like in the old days, wood is used to heat the alembic. Each Absinthe distillation runs for 10 hours, allowing all the herbal tones to be set free. After distillation, the clear distillate is carefully colored by macerating selected herbs in the final product. Most of the herbs come from the distilleries herbal garden. The final product is then matured for several weeks to develop its complex body, and full character. The taste of anise is present but not oerpowering. Some citrusy notes can be detected, which derive from lemon balm. Overall, if you are looking for pristine nature, Green Ribbon Absinthe is just the right Absinthe for you. Worth to mention is as well the packaging of Green Ribbon Absinthe: Each bottle has a ceramic swing-top. The swing-top has the advantage, that you can reuse the bottle. Upcycling made easy! 


What is inside the bottle?

You might notice some sediment at the bottom of the bottle. As Green Ribbon is a naturally colored green Absinthe it is perfectly normal. That sediment comes from the coloring herbs and that's why clear Absinthes (La Blanches) don't share this characteristic.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin Germany
Alcohol 65%
Tasting Fresh and herbal with delicate notes of peppermint
Contains Colorings No
Color Green
Amount in product 0.5