Absinthe Hills

This is the Czech Absinth you will find everywhere in Prague. Its flavor is not very herbal, and the taste reminds more of sweet cotton candy than of real Absinthe.
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This is the Czech Absinth you will find in every shop and bar in Prague. The flavor of this Absinthe is not very herbal, it actually brings to mind sweet cotton candy. If you don´t like the traditional taste anyway, this might be a good one for you. Nevertheless we have to point out, that Hills Absinthe is not a traditional Absinthe. But as this Absinthe is so famous in Prague and due to the fact, that it was one of the first Absinthes legally available for sale after re-legalization of the Green Fairy, we decided to offer it as well here in our store.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin Czech Republic
Alcohol 70%
Tasting Taste like sweet cotton candy, no licorice taste at all
Contains Colorings Yes
Color Light-green
Amount in product 0.7