Absinthe Superieure Set

The Absinthe Superieure Set is the epitome of quality. Both Absinthes are authentic green Absinthes from France.
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The Absinthe Superieure Set is the epitome of quality. Absinthe Heritage Verte and Moulin Vert are two green Absinthes, which are distilled in the histroical Absinthe town Fougerolles, France. Both Absinthes have a vintage personality. Absinthe Heritage´s flavor is intense, so is its louche, when you add cold water. Absinthe Moulin Vert is as well intense in taste with charismatic notes of cognac and dark chocolate. This is partly a result of the wine alcohol base, which is used for distillation. The premiumness is also reflected in the packaging and labeling. With a golden print (Heritage) and Belle Epoque design (Moulin Vert) the set adds the appreciated exclusivity to your bar.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin France
Alcohol 68%
Tasting Two balanced Absinthes with a great wormwood aroma
Contains Colorings No
Amount in product 1