Absinthe of the Month: Heritage Verte

Reflecting the authenticity of the Absinthe heritage: Absinthe Heritage Verte is distilled in France, according to traditional recipes. Its color is amber green, its louche intense and its taste creamy with a deep note of wormwood.

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Reflecting the authenticity of the Absinthe heritage: Absinthe Heritage is a traditional green Absinthe, with a "vintage" personality: It is composed after a traditional recipe including grande wormwood, fennel, green anise and various other selected herbs. The distillation itself is done by the family distillery Paul Devoille in France, which was founded in 1859. Heritage Verte is extremely intense from its herbal composition: Once the bottle is opened a beautiful perfume of wormwood fills the room. In the glass, Heritage Verte is of a deep, well-infused amber green color. Adding ice-cold water produces an intensely thick, yet reflective louche that completely captures the undiluted color on clouds. Its tasting notes reflect wormwood, anise, and fennel, with a relaxing yet bittersweet headiness. We recommend serving Absinthe Heritage according to the classic French ritual: Fill your Absinthe glass with one part Absinthe, place an Absinthe spoon with two sugar cubes on top and pour three parts cold water over the sugar into the glass. We love this Absinthe.


Paul Devoille Absinthe Distillery:

Absinthe Heritage Verte is distilled by the Paul Devoille distillery. This distillery has a long Absinthe tradition: It was founded in 1859 and as you can see on the old invoice that we uploaded to the photo gallery, they produced Absinthe already in the 19th century. Nowadays Devoille is know for its premium spirits, Absinthe being one of their flagship products. Devoille produces according to historical Absinthe recipes and cultivates the wormwood plants by themselves. This guarantees premium quality which you can taste in every Devoille Absinthe.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Origin: France
Alcohol: 68%
Content (l): 0.5
Tasting Notes: Wormwood, anise, and fennel, with a relaxing yet bittersweet headiness and Cognac notes in the background (Heritage Verte is distilled with wine alcohol)
Contains Colorings: No


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Lovely box for a new absinthe-lover! With this i can try and choose different type of absinthe. Thanks Alandia! Excellente service!
A great verte
This is one of the flagship absinthes of Alandia. It has a nice louche and a rich, complex and smooth flavor. You can't go wrong with this one (Maison ALANDIA).

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