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To get started, we have some facts for you: Absinthe is commonly known under the name the Green Fairy. It has a green color and is the notorious liquor of the 19th century. It was mainly drank in Europe, especially in France and Switzerland at the turn of the century. An absinthe recipe consist out of different herbs, which form the botanical base for this liquor. The three basic ingredients are wormwood, fennel and anise. Authentic, premium Absinthe is distilled and the final liquor has 68% alcohol - this high proof of the liquor is neccessary as only at this level the natural green color of the drink is preserved.

Absinthe is more than a basic alcohol. It is a drink of history and culture. Comparable to Whisky and other liquors Absinthe has something special. As the drink was forbidden for almost 100 years, many myths surround this alcohol. It is said, that Absinthe made Van Gogh cut off his ear, or that the Titanic sank because the captain drank some glasses of Absinthe at that night. Well, the truth lies somewhere in between. Fact is, that the liquor has something more to offer than normal proof alcohol. Why do you ask? Well, first of all Absinthe Liquor contains thujon, an essential ingredient of the oil from the wormwood plant. And thujon is a mental and physical activator. Therefore, when you drink absinthe you will experience an activation of your body and mind. ALANDIA sells real, authentic Absinthe:



The liquor Absinthe!

Lets explain a bit more, what Absinthe is all about.The legal level of thujon in Absinthe is 10mg in the US and 35mg in Europe. The absinthe effect of Thujon is stimulating. You will experience a mental awareness, thanks to the virtues of this liquor. But you will not hallucinate. Absinthe is not a drug. It is legal in almost all countries in the World, therefore you can imagine, that the global health organizations would never legalize a liquor that is poisonous. You have to drink approx. 3 glasses of Absinthe to feel a certain absinthe effect. Then best is, when you prepare the drink according to the classic absinthe ritual. Which means you have an absinthe spoon, a glass, a decanter or fountain, sugar and cold water. Then you blend the liquor with cold water and sugar and sip the milky elixir. Cheers!

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There are many Absinthe brands on the market. You have to try different Absinthes to find your favorite. The best Green Fairy is always the one YOU like the most. Not the one a so called "Connaisseur" drinks. There are distilled and macerated Absinthes on the market. Distilled liquors are of higher quality, smoother from the taste and yes, as well more expensive. Cheap Absinthe or lets say cheaper is macerated Absinthe. Cheap means in this sense, that the production method is less cost intensive, therefore you can find liquors at reasonable prices. These Absinthe are sometimes more bitter, and more intense from the flavor. They are not as fine as distilled ones. You have to try both. But when you want to enjoy your glass of Absinthe more in the sense of experiencing history and quality, you should buy a distilled one. Distilled Absinthe is softer and easier to drink. Macerated liquors are more for the Absinthe effect seeking Absintheur. Czech Absinthe is mostly macerated, French Absinthe mostly distilled.

Maybe you ask yourself how to drink Absinthe? We already explained that in the paragraph above. But also taka look at our absinthe video. Afterwards you might want to order a bottle of Absinthe. Visit the Absinthe shop ALANDIA. You will find more information about the Green Fairy there and also a wide range of Absinthe Liquor and Absinthe Accessories.


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