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kyleUSA617 eMail an kyleUSA617 schicken
Entry 593 on 26.11.2014, 08:00
Country: UnitedStatesOfAmerica
Hi Kyle here from Massachusetts,Usa!!!! I have recently got introduced to Absinthe by a friend of mine.This drink has blew my mind! großes Grinsen I want to learn everything thier is too know about Absinthe! The best of choices and also the history behind this very great alcohol! großes Grinsen id like a penpal from Europe !!! I want to goto europe so bad and admire your beautiful country cool please someone fill me and take me in on The Journey Of Absinthe.
mike koning
Entry 592 on 02.07.2014, 20:34
Country: Netherlands
großes Grinsen
Hi Mike,
I just recieved the bottles today! I think there was some sort of mistake at DHL?
thanks anyway, I'm glad the bottles are here now!

Mike fröhlich
Comment on 24.07.2014, 17:02:
Hi Mike! Hope you like the selection! Cheers, Mike
mike koning
Entry 591 on 25.06.2014, 22:05
Country: Netherlands
About my order.. I ordered Alandia strong68 and Alandia gold68. Ordered at 11.06.2014. the order should have been here at 20.06.2014, But it is still not here.. traurig
Hope you can help me,
Comment on 01.07.2014, 17:32:
Hi Mike!

Matthias will contact you with the tracking number.

Entry 590 on 24.07.2013, 03:15
Country: Danmark
Favorite Absinthe: Absinthe Brevans
I have a question regarding the "Sirop de Gomme".

Is it a substitute for sugar cubes in the french ritua, and if so; how does that work?
Comment on 24.07.2013, 10:57:
Hello Anders, yes, it is a sugar substitute: Gomme syrup (or gum syrup; gomme is French for "gum") is an almost forgotten ingredient of the Absinthe culture of the 19th century. It was used for Absinthe based cocktails and as a popular alternative to using crystalized sugar. You ordered then "une absinthe gommée" instead of "une absinthe au sucre". Like bar syrups, Sirop de Gomme is a sugar and water mixture, but has an added ingredient of gum arabic, the hardened sap of the acacia tree, which acts as an emulsifier. Gum syrup is made with the highest percentage of sugar to water possible. The gum arabic prevents the sugar from crystallizing and adds a smooth texture. Sirop de Gomme is a must have for traditionalists who enjoy the allure of nostalgia!

Entry 589 on 17.07.2013, 16:55
Country: England
Hi there!

3 questions smile

Do you ship from the UK to the United States?

If so, how long does it take?

Can you put a message with the delivery?

Thank you smile
Comment on 18.07.2013, 12:09:
Hello Robyn, you can order from UK and add a shipping address in the USA. We ship from Germany, also to the USA.

All the best! ALANDIA
Chris Cárdenas eMail an Chris Cárdenas schicken
Entry 588 on 05.01.2013, 06:19
Country: USA
Thanks for such great help with my issue. I appreciate how helpful Alandia was in dealing with me. Thank you!!!!! großes Grinsen
Chris Cárdenas eMail an Chris Cárdenas schicken
Entry 587 on 03.01.2013, 20:58
Country: USA
I bought the Absinthe Fountain Lady Mini four my son as a Christmas gift. We were all so excited to see it but it had a crack from the base of the bowl and up about two inches.
It was packed very well, but it can't be used everything else is in perfect condition. I can't find the receipt. I will find it but it is in a mess of post Christmas jumble.
What are my options, please advise.
Thank you !
Chris Càrdenas
Tamara eMail an Tamara schicken
Entry 586 on 16.12.2012, 04:46
Country: australia
i live in australia and would like to know if it can be shipped into Australia
Comment on 17.12.2012, 14:22:
Please have a look here:
Entry 585 on 11.11.2012, 08:41
Country: USA
Favorite Absinthe: Suisse Verte
Favorite Absinthe Song: The Perfect Drug- NIN
I have a question, well two . First is , I drink a glass of absinthe a day for pain. I suffer chronic pain issues and it gives me a few hours of freedom. Is Strong68 maybe the next I should go for? Really need the effect. As a writer this gives me about 2 hours of pain free writing with the great absinthe effect of "altered clarity" as I think of it. I saw there is a small 10.50 eur bottle called Thujone I think. Second question is, how would I prepare that? Same as with absinthe? Thanks all.
Comment on 12.11.2012, 13:01:
Hello Jon, Strong68 has a strong effect, the small bottle called "Thujon 33" isn´t much stronger. But when you are especially looking for effect and not taste/ritual try it. It tastes more like medicine and you don´t dilute it with water. You drink it straight, or, depending on your peferences, on ice. Greetings, your ALANDIA Team!
Lizzie eMail an Lizzie schicken
Entry 584 on 09.11.2012, 06:00
Country: Usa
My friends and I are thinking of buying for new years but we are kind of clueless as to which is the best choice. I'm talking flavor & intoxication level lol thanks in advance!
Comment on 09.11.2012, 13:15:
Hi Lizzie! Then go for Strong68 Absinthe, it is strong, green and has a nice louche. When you want some more premiumness then get a bottle of Suisse Verte or Heritage as well, Cheers!
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