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Do you want to buy the perfect Absinthe fountain? Then you have visited just the right website! We at ALANDIA sell a large variety of original absinthe fountains. We have metal and glass fountains for sale in our online store. Which type you should buy is a question of personal preferences. Absinthe fountains made out of metal look more original - actually the design we sell, the "Antique" fountain is an Authentic Absinthe Accessory, meaning that it is an authentic reproduction of an original absinthe fountain from the 19th century. You can also buy fountains made out of glass. These fountains have the advantage that they are smaller in size and have that very special "crystal look". The fountains we sell all have four spigots, because absinthe is a very social spirit, you mostly drink it with other likeminded Absintheurs. If you directly want to buy an original Absinthe fountain, then please visit our online shop:


What is an absinthe fountain?

If you don't know what an Absinthe fountain is, here is a short explanation:

Absinthe Fountains are the professional accessory to drink Absinthe. You don´t necessarily need a fountain, but if you have one, you don´t want to miss this unique drinking accessory. In the video below you can see, how you drink Absinthe using an Absinthe fountain. As you see, you don´t fill the glass bowl with the Green fairy, you fill it with ice cubes an water. Then, when the water is cooled down, you use it to prepare your glass of absinthe. Through the spigots water drops drip on the sugar cube on your absinthe spoon, slowly dissolving it and filling the glass. Be sure that only a tiny beam of water or better only water drops float ot of the fountain, because only then the sugar will get completly dissolved.

With an Absinthe fountain you will get the nicest louche. The louche is the opalescent effect when the water mixes with the Green Fairy. Green Absinthe turns into an white elixir.Below you find a listing of different absinthe fountains:

Antique fountain

Metal Absinthe Fountain

149.00 Euro

(approx. 200.00 USD)

Metal Absinthe Fountain
Original Absinthe Fountains

Glass Absinthe Fountain

55.00 Euro

(approx. 75.00 USD)

Glass Absinthe Fountain
Glass fountain

Order Absinthe Fountains

69.00 Euro

(approx. 93.00 USD)

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Absinthe fountains

In the beginning of the 20th century, during the times of the Belle Epoque, Fountains or in French Fontaines were a typical bistro equipment. They were placed at a center spot in the cafe and you could get your your ice cold water out of this water station. Below you can see an old picture of two Absintheurs enjoying their glass of absinthe using a fountain.

Vintage absinthe fountain

In New Orleans in the old Absinthe House you can still see an old marble fountain which was once used while Hemingway still visited the bar for a sip of the Green Fairy.

Where can I buy an absinthe fountain?

ALANDIA sells all types of authentic absinthe accessories. Of course they also sell fountains! They ship worldwide, including the USA, and the delivery is guaranteed, which means if anything happens (e.g. breakage) the guys at ALANDIA will reship or refund you our money. But do not worry, the insurance almost never has to be used, they pack very well using professional packaging material. ALANDIA was founded in 2001, therefore they also know what they are doing!



See what other Absintheurs say about our fountains:

„Great product, great service, great company, you have now a loyal customer here in the US!!!“

Mike from USA

„A fountain is something that you just need to own! Why? Because this accessory is as beautiful in person as it appears on the web site. There are some fine etchings on the glass that I really love! We debated for a while whether or not we should purchase this accessory, because it is sort of an investment. We finally decided that we need one, no matter how much we have to pay for it. We were very pleasantly surprised when it arrived! On top of all of that, this is a great investment as it is absolutely amazing how well the sugar dissolves when you are able to have such a fine stream running over it. It makes the experience of preparing and enjoying the Green Fairy 10 times better. And even when you're not using the fountain, it makes a great centerpiece for nearly anywhere in the house!!!!“

Adrian from USA

„Amazing how well it works. And my wife loves it too, thanks Matthias!“

Damian from Texas


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