Absinthe for sale: Where can I buy a bottle?

If you want to buy Absinthe, if you are looking for Absinthe for sale, then you just have found what you were looking for! We at ALANDIA offer a large selection of real Absinthe as well as a large assortment of authentic accessories. We have it all: Spoons, glasses, fountains, sugar cubes, poster, even the right CD / music is for sale in our online store. Buying Absinthe online at ALANDIA is safe and very convenient. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal and the shipping is made via DHL Airmail or lightning-fast Courier Express, depending on your preference. Shipping to the USA takes 8-10 days (DHL) or 2-3 days (Courier). The rest of the world is served in 10-12 days, Europe in 3-5 days. If you directly want to buy a bottle of Absinthe or want to look what we have for sale in our shop, then just click on the navigation bar above and you will enter the ALANDIA Absinthe store.

Absinthe for sale at ALANDIA

Which Absinthe is for sale, and is it good?

Absinthe for saleThere are a lot of different brands on the market, as many distilleries have started to produce Absinthe within the last years. To orientate in the world of Absinthe you can say, that an Absinthe is different in terms of its production process. You can get distilled or macerated Absinthe. You can get as well green Absinthe, red Absinthe, black or even blue types of this alcohol made with wormwood. Additionally, the degree of alcohol is different. Strong brands have up to 89.9% alcohol and 35mg thujon. But we have to mention, that thujon / wormwood is not the major thing about this drink. Of course it can give you an activating state. Your body and mind will get stimulated. But don´t expect pink elephants to fly around. Absinthe is not a drug, it is something to enjoy. You will not freak out.

To originally experience Absinthe, it is necessary to prepare your sip of seduction the traditional way. This is how to drink Absinthe the right way: You pour a shot of Absinthe onto the glass (3-4cl). Then you put a spoon on the glass and place one or two sugar cubes on top. The best sugar cubes are the individually wrapped sugar cubes from ALANDIA. Finally you pour ice-cold water over the sugar to dissolve it and to blend the Absinthe. Check out our Absinthe ritual videos, if you still have some questions!

I want to buy Absinthe, can I do it?

Yes you can, if you are over legal drinking age. In regard of laws, you can state, that Absinthe got legalized in the USA in 2008. In Europe Absinthe is already legal since 1998. That´s why ALANDIA could offer it already back in 2001. ALANDIA sells the real stuff. That means real European Absinthe. Absinthe has it roots in Europe and that is as well where Absinthes with a thujon level of up to 35mg are sold. Although you should not concentrate too much on thujon. This is an exaggerated ingredient of Absinthe. It is the alcohol and the power of all herbs that lead to a certain "effect". Nevertheless you can buy at ALANDIA the real thing, Absinthe from Europe made according to European standard.

Where can I purchase Absinthe online?

At ALANDIA you find a large selection of Absinthe. We recommend to buy Heritage Verte as it is a very traditional product. It is made with wormwood, in France, is green from its color and has a beautiful thick louche. If you are interested as well in our spirits, then check out our Gin section at ALANDIA: Gin is primarily based on the distillation of juniper berries. But, similar to Absinthe, various other botanicals are added to the distillation process. Therefore Absinthe and Gin have a lot in common. We recommend that you add for example a bottle of Six Ravens London Dry Gin to your order. This is ALANDIA´s new Gin. It is distilled with fresh ginger roots.