Free Download of Absinthe Wallpapers

Since some weeks our new Absinthe Heritage Verte is on the market. The first Absinthe bottles have already arrived in their final destination, your bar. And when we read your Absinthe reviews, we get the impression that you like Absinthe Heritage Verte as much as we do! That´s great and makes us happy, as we have put so much time into developing this very special Absinthe.

As we are aware, that you can´t drink a glass of Absinthe during work we have decided to create an Absinthe Wallpaper for your computer. This way, you always have a bottle of Absinthe Heritage Verte around you 🙂 You can Download this Absinthe Wallpaper by clicking on the following link (the file is zipped and two pictures in different sizes are in the folder):

Click here to download the Absinthe Wallpaper