Absinthe Reviews: How to find the best Absinthe

When it comes to Absinthe, quality is really important. That’s why we give you a deeper insight on how to find the Best Absinthe.

How to find the Best Absinthe: How to evaluate quality

In our previous article “How to make Absinthe the right way” we already mentioned, that quality Absinthe should be distilled and naturally colored. These are the objective quality measures. You can also say, it is the prerequisite for a good Absinthe. Other than that, as you can imagine, there is not one right method. But there are quality measures that have been developed by experienced Absintheurs to judge Absinthes. This is how the quality measures are split up in many forums and Absinthe tasting events:

Appearance (about 15%), Louche (about 15%), Aroma (about 20%), Flavor and Mouthfeel (20%), Finish (10%), and Overall Impression (20%).    …Continue reading “Absinthe Reviews: How to find the best Absinthe”

Absinthe Epoque with a new bottle and label

Absinthe Epoque, one of the best Absinthes, has a new design. The label has now a golden print to underline the exclusiveness of this premium Absinthe. Also the bottle is now 100% symetrical. We hope you like the new design! Absinthe Epoque is also this month our Absinthe of the Month, this means that you will get one Absinthe Brouilleur for free!