The Classic French Absinthe Ritual

This is the first of a series of videos dealing with the different kind of preparations of Absinthe. Absintheurs call this part ritual, because it´s exactly this!

You take your time, get your favourite Absinthe off the shelf, a stylish Absinthe glass, have your icecold water prepared, your spoon ready and some sugar cubes nearby… Here you go… Sometimes it´s different: You have a brandnew, never-tried-before Absinthe, maybe a new Absinthe accessory like an Absinthe fountain or an Absinthe brouille and a different kind of preparation. We will show that later down the road, but first things first and this of course can only be The Classic French Absinthe Ritual. Feel free to post any comments about this ritual, maybe you have some slight variations for us.