Absinthe Heritage in stock

The brand new Absinthe from ALANDIA has arrived in our warehouse! It took more than two years to develop this very special Absinthe. We are proud to present you Absinthe Heritage Verte! It is as well our Absinthe of the Month:

Absinthe Heritage Verte is an authentic green Absinthe, with a “vintage” personality: It is composed after a traditional recipe including grande wormwood, fennel, green anise and various other selected herbs. The distillation itself is done by the family distillery Paul Devoille in France, which was founded in 1859. Heritage Verte is extremly intense from its herbal composition: Once the bottle is opened a beautiful perfume of wormwood fills the room. In the glass, Heritage Verte is of a deep, well-infused amber green color. Adding ice-cold water produces an intensely thick, yet reflective louche that completely captures the undiluted color of clouds. Its tasting notes reflect wormwood, anise, and fennel, with a relaxing yet bittersweet headiness.

We recommend serving Absinthe Heritage according to the Classic French Absinthe Ritual: Fill your Absinthe glass with one part Absinthe, place an Absinthe spoon with two sugar cubes on top and pour three parts cold water over the sugar into the glass.

We are totally enthusiastic about Absinthe Heritage Verte, that´s why we add to the first 50 bottles one free ALANDIA T-Shirt!

Absinthe Heritage Verte

Absinthe Heritage Louche Video

Absinthe Heritage is the new Absinthe from ALANDIA. It is distilled in France using a traditional recipe. Its color is dark green, its louche opalescent white. Until now Absinthe Heritage is only available in our pre-sale Absinthe Cigars:

We have made an Absinthe video of Absinthe Heritage, so that you get an impression of its color and louche. In the next weeks we will upload some more videos from our ALANDIA Absinthes, so that you know what´s in the bottle!

Cheers, your ALANDIA Team!