The days of old: Absinthe Road Trip to Absinthiades 2004

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It is already a while ago, but never forgetting the good old days is sort of a lifestyle. In the following paragraphs you can read some info about legendary Absinthe Road Trips we made during the last couple of years. Enjoy reading!


We write the year 2004….:

This year we were invited to the Absinthe Fair “Absinthiades” which takes place every year in the home of Absinthe, Pontarlier. Home of the former Pernod Fils distillery. On this event the best French Absinthes are awarded. A Jury of 24 Absintheurs make a blind degustation of different Absinthes. This year it was differentiated between Macerated and Distilled Absinthes. Glass by glass the different Absinthes are served and are evaluated by their color, smell and bouquet. Every table is equiped with a Fontaine, Glasses, Spoons, Water and Baguette for the neutralisation. Next to the table every Absintheur has its own bucket to spit out the Absinthe after degustation. 16 Absinthes are served, so you can imagine how important the bucket is for a smooth passing of the event…Afterwards the points are added together and the winner is awarded with the Golden, Silver and Bronze Absinthe Spoon. Besides the Degustation Antiques dealers present their Absinthiana Collections and you can make some reasonable smart buys…

Well, the Absinthiades was our main event, but as we headed from our home base Cologne to the South, we had to stop by at the Oktoberfest in Munich! It was the last weekend of the “Wiesn”, the nickname for the worlds largest folk fest. As the Golden Elixier, called Bier/Beer, is part of Germanies culture, we couldn´t let this event pass by without taking some Maß, the German serving size of Beer (1 liter), served in big glass mugs. Therefore our Road Trip got expanded to 4 days. And it was worth it, check out our little photo story, Prost!

Fahrvergnügen, that was the motto for the first day! From Cologne to Munich we had to drive 4 hours to reach our first destination, the Oktoberfest, home of Brezel, Beer and Bavarian Blasmusik! As the tents are already packed at 12.00 o´clock we directly headed to the “Schützenzelt” our homebase for the next 12 hours. The Oktoberfest closes at 11.00pm, therefore you have to arrive early when you want to have a table and set a standard in beer drinking. 6 Maß are average, more is advanced and more than that can be considerd as an experiment…Our aim for the day was to meet some Bavarian Fairies, fly the flag of Cologne in a 100 Bavarian surounding (you can imagine that this is a big task..) and of course drink some beer. Here is what we reached so far…

After a day of relaxing and seeing the beautiful city of Munich we started our journey to our final desination, the Absinthiades 2004. Some Absinthes were waiting for degustation, therefore we speeded through Austria, Switzerland and after 7 hours of driving and a couple of coffes later arrived in Pontarlier! The fair was already going on in the Theater, and for 11.00am the degustation was scheduled. A nice breakfast – 16 Absinthes were on the menu. And after 2 hours of hard work the winners were announced:

Macerated Absinthe: 1st Montania des Alpes, 2nd Versinthe, 3rd L´Amesinthe

Distilled Absinthe: 1st Francois Guy, 2nd Versinthe La Blanche, 3rd Libertine 55

Here are some pics of our experiences. We hope that you get an impression of the unique Absinthe Fair Absinthiades. Road Trip completed…


Absinthe Fountain Classic – The best fountain on the market

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Dear Absintheurs,

By mid November we will get this high quality Absinthe fountain: The Classic Absinthe Fountain. It is simply the best Absinthe fountain on the market. Therefore, when you are planning to buy a metal fountain, we recommend to wait a bit. Don´t purchase inferior quality fountains (the ones we all dealt with the last couple of years…) somewhere else, you will definitely regret it.

The code name for the absinthe fountain project was “Authentic Absinthe Accessories”. We started almost 2 years ago, being frustrated about the quality of the fountains being on the market at that time. You always had to deal with breaking glass bowls, leaking spigots, rust and generally poorly manufactured components. But this is over now. The Absinthe Fountain Classic is (almost) finished! Within the next weeks we will proudly sell it. Our Absinthe fountain is a one to one replica of the original Absinthe fountains that were used in the Belle Epoque. To be precise, the Classic Absinthe Fountain is inspired by the Terminus fountain from the 19th century. Terminus was a famous French Absinthe manufacturer in the 19th century and the eye catching element of their fountain was a French rooster (Gallic rooster) on top of the lid (see picture below). This rooster is as well present on the Classic Absinthe Fountain. Besides being of premium craftsmanship, the fountain has small intelligently designed details, that make its use a unique experience. We list a few:

  • The glass bowl is made from molded glass. This makes the bowl resistant against temperature fluctuations.
  • Precisely machined thread-mounts guarantee a convenient and even fun assembly of the individual components.
  • The spigots are screw-mounted. They can easily be removed and cleaned by using a pipe cleaner.
  • The Classic Absinthe Fountain´s base is cushioned with a foam pad. This prevents slippage and ugly scratches on your table.
  • All of the fountains parts are polished and therefore shine bright like the Belle Epoque itself!

The Classic Absinthe Fountain has four engraved metal taps and a removable filter for the water. The height is 53cm / 20.9 inches. All fountains are packaged in a beautiful and protective packaging. This fountain is simply the BEST Absinthe fountain on the market. It is the must have accessory for every real Absintheur. Below you see some detailed pictures of it. We are sure you will like it!


Vintage Absinthe Argenti from Spain

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We offer this vintage Spanish Absinthe for sale: Absenta Argenti was made for several decades in Spain, Barcelona. In the early 1970′s production ended. This bottle is approx. from this time. Absinthe professional Markus Hartsmar has reviewed this Absinthe and gave it a decent rating. You can read his review here:

Tasting Review of the vintage Absinthe Absenta Argenti

As you can see, the bottle is in perfect condition. If you are interested in buying the bottle, please send us a message via our contact page.

Cheers your ALANDIA Team



Absinthe Brouilleur Terminus

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“Bienfaisante”, this was the marketing claim for the famous French Absinthe Terminus. Bienfaisante means beneficial and was refering to the healthy qualities of this fine spirit. Indeed Absinthe helps against stomach problems, but of course such a glorification of the spirit is a typical example of how advertising was made during the 19th century. Below, in our gallery, you can see the original 1892 poster for Absinthe Terminus. On the poster two famous stage personalities of the day are shown: Constant Coquelin and Sarah Bernhardt. Benoît-Constant Coquelin (23 January 1841 – 27 January 1909), known as Coquelin aîné (“Coquelin the Eldest”), was a French actor and one of the greatest theatrical figures of the age. In 1900 Coquelin toured in America with Sarah Bernhardt, appeared on Broadway’s Garden Theatre in a production of Cyrano de Bergerac (Bernhardt played Roxane). He made his only film, the duel scene from Cyrano de Bergerac with sound recording on phonograph cylinder. The film is thought to be the first ever made with both color and sound. Besides this iconic advertising Terminus Absinthe is also known for several Absinthe accessories. They produced for example an Absinthe fountain decorated with the French cock and the famous Terminus Brouilleur. This legendary Brouilleur is now available as an authentic reproduction. Although the inscription on the Brouilleur is now different, to avoid misunderstandings of what is the original item. In the 19th century Terminus used the following wording:

Absinthe Terminus – Seule Bienfaisante – Pontarlier

The authentic reproduction now reads:

Absinthe Francaise – A votre Sante – Qualite Superieure

Brouilleurs are an easy to use Absinthe accessory. You simply place them on your glass, fill them with ice cubes and add ice cold water. The cooled water then flows through the little holes of the Brouilleur  into the Absinthe glass and creates a beautiful louche. You should get yourself such an affordable and beautiful piece of history!

Buy your Absinthe Brouilleur Terminus


Absinthe Brouilleur Auto Verseur back in stock!

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These Absinthe Brouilleurs were out of stock for a long time. Now we received new stock! This delightful dripper is an exact replica of the famous “Auto verseur”, originally produced by the absinthe maker Cusenier. It was a popular accessory in the mid-19th century. The dripper is fascinating, as the water flows over a see saw into the absinthe glass. You simply place the dripper on top of the glass and add water to the reservoir bowl. The balancing mechanism (see saw) underneath allows small amounts of ice water to flow into the waiting absinthe glass. As soon as the water touches the absinthe, you will experience the beautiful louche.

You can order the Absinthe Brouilleur Auto Verseur in our shop.



Ferdinands Quince Gin at ALANDIA

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You know that we at ALANDIA love premium spirits. First and foremost Absinthe, but then close by Gin. Therefore we have as well a featured Gin section in the ALANDIA Online shop. Today we want to present you a very interesting new addition: Ferdinands Quince Gin

This is the second product innovation from the team around Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin. For their first product, the regular Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin, a Riesling infusion (German white wine) is used to create a very special fruityness. Their second product follows this innovative path. Ferdinands Quince Gin plays homage to the British sloe Gin tradition but the distillers substitute the traditional sloes with locally grown quinces from the distillerys´ garden. The result is a sweet Gin liqueur, perfectly for a summery Gin & Tonic. Ferdinands Quince Gin can also be enjoyed on ice or mixed with champagne (Quince Sprizz). We indeed like the innovativeness and sweet and fruity taste of Ferdinands Quince Gin and can recommend it to every Gin enthusiast who appreciates the allure of something special.

Interesting Info: The quince is not a traditional Gin botanical. Nevertheless it can give the final distillate a pleasant bitter fruityness. Historically, quinces (lat. cydonia oblonga) are native to South-west Asia (Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan) but were later introduced to Europe. Today Turkey and China are the #1 cultivators of this fruit with more than 120,000 metric tons per year.

You can buy a bottle of Ferdinands Quince Gin in our Gin Shop



History of our bestselling Absinthe Strong68

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Strong68 is our bestselling Absinthe! Read some information about its history:

Absinthe Strong68 is our oldest absinthe brand. Back in 2001, when we founded the ALANDIA Absinthe company, we immediately started with its production. In the beginning it was a very strong, macerated absinthe. The bitterness was its characteristic and the product design was minimalistic. We liked it a lot, but as time went by our personal preferences changed. More and more we appreciated the fine taste of distilled absinthes and therefore also Strong68´s recipe was updated. We upgraded it to a distilled absinthe and moved production from Germany to France. Nevertheless we still wanted Strong68 to be “strong”, that´s why we use an extra portion of local French wormwood for the distillation. Also the coloring herbs are carefully selected, to give Strong68 a slightly bitter taste. The result is an Absinthe which is the epitome of vividness caused by the Green Fairy. Enjoy!

Below you can see a picture of the recent, up to date Absinthe Strong68 bottle and label design from 2014, and the early beginnings back in 2002.


For sale: Vintage Absinthe Pernod Fils

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Do you want to own a bottle of vintage Absinthe…?

This Vintage Pernod Fils Absinthe Bottle can be yours, because we are willing to sell it :-) It can be dated to the 1960s and is from the Pernod Fils Tarragona distillery from Spain. Pernod moved its production to Spain after Absinthe got prohibited in France. Partly, the bottle still has its original wrapping, which is rarely the case. We took it off for some pictures, so that you have a better view on the bottle itself.

As you can see the labels are in good condition. The bottle has 0.75 liters. The price is 950 Euro including Courier Express Shipping. This is of course a lot, but vintage Absinthe can be seen as an investment for the future. The price will increase, because there are only limited bottles still available on the market. If you are interested, please send us a private message at mail(at)




News from the World of Absinthe

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Dear Absintheurs!

we have some news for you. This time these news are packaged into a little quiz. So if you are ready for some challenge and education, then check out our newsletter!

The Absinthe Quiz Newsletter

All the best from the team,



Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Germany

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An exclusive selection of Tonic Water is available at ALANDIA

Additionally to Absinthe you can buy some premium Gin in the ALANDIA online store. Gin is a common spirit in a lot of cocktails, but the most famous combination is without a doubt Gin & Tonic. Therefore we decided to offer you a selection of premium Tonic Waters as well. With the recent Gin boom a lot of smaller Tonic producers appeared on the market as well. Therefore you are not forced anymore to drink your favorite Gin with Schweppes Tonic. Nevertheless our aim is not to offer you all Tonics that are available on the market. Our aim is to offer you Tonic Waters, that differ from their taste to broaden your Tonic Water horizon. We hope that it will support you in finding your favorite mixer for your favorite Gins.

Right now we concentrate on two brands. Gents Tonic Water from Switzerland and Thomas Henry Tonic Water from Germany. These Tonics are completely different from their taste. Gents is a sweeter Tonic with less bitterness. The chinin is sourced from gentiane not the fevertree. Thomas Henry in comparison is more of a “Schweppes Tonic”. It is much more bitter and the right Tonic Water for traditionalists who like a “dry” taste. Nevertheles, you should try your favorite Gin with both Tonics. You will be surprised how different your Gin and Tonic will taste! Both Tonic waters have a higher carbonation. In our opinion this is always something positive, as your Gin & Tonic remains fresh and sparkling for a longer time.

Did you know…?

Thomas Henry (*1734) was an English apothecary and chemist. In addition to his medical work he also invented the conservation of drinking water by adding sodium carbonate. Amongst others, this invention was of great benefit for the British Navy, as from now on seamen could be supplied with fresh water on long seafarings (and not only with rum..). Thereby Thomas Henry was one of the first producers of soda water – next to the German Johan Jacob Schweppe, who patented his method in 1783 and distributed his products as well in London in 1792 under the name “Schweppes”. But it remains unclear to us, why the manufacturers of Thomas Henry Tonic Water have used the portrait of Thomas´ son, William Henry, for the label and not Thomas Henrys´