News from the World of Absinthe

Dear Absintheurs and Absintheuses!

We hope you have had a good summer with some relaxing chill-out times! We spent some days in Middle America and found this straight-forward advertisement for a local green spirit. We immediately had to think of the Green Fairy :-)!

Green is as well our Absinthe of the Month: Strong68 is strong, meaning that it is distilled with an extra portion of wormwood. That´s why many of our customers love it. It is actually our bestselling Absinthe. Strong68 is distilled in France, 100% naturally colored and its taste traditionally herbal with a slightly bitter note. That´s why we recommend to drink Strong68 with one sugar cube. If you are looking for a powerful Absinthe full of inspiration, then Strong68 should be your pick!

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News from the World of Absinthe

Dear Absintheurs,

Do you want to drink authentic Absinthe and bring the ritual to perfection with individually wrapped sugar cubes? Then our Absinthe of the Month is just the right thing for you. Heritage Verte reflects the authenticity of the Absinthe heritage in perfect manner: It is composed after a traditional 19th century recipe, is naturally green in color and is distilled in France at the family owned Paul Devoille distillery. This month we will add to every bottle of Absinthe Heritage Verte one bag of original Absinthe sugar cubes for free.

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Cheers, your ALANDIA Team!