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Halloween 2014 – Absinthe Party

11:20 am in ALANDIA by ALANDIA

Dear Absintheurs and Absintheuses,

Halloween is already ahead of us and now is just the right time to order a bottle of Hamlet Hardcore to receive it in time for the festivities (shipping to USA takes 8-10 days, EU 3-5 days). You can choose from black, green, blue and red color. And in case you want to have orange, just mix a red and a blue one!

The perfect glass for any Hamlet Hardcore Absinthe is the Skull glass. It is perfect for our Halloween special, the Brain Sherbet”. Here is the recipe:









  • 30ml Hamlet Hardcore Absinthe
  • 12 large ice cubes
  • 6 sugar cubes

Blend all ingredients in a mixer and serve the sherbet with a teaspoon (you don´t drink it, you spoon it out of the skull). Watch out, this stuff is strong.

This newsletter includes a Coupon Code, which you can use for your Halloween purchases worth 6.66 Euro. Simply enter






into the coupon field which you can find in your shopping cart. The code is valid only the next 6 days till 10/24/2014. Minimum order is 30 Euro.

Spooky Greetings, your



News from the World of Absinthe

6:47 pm in ALANDIA, Newsletter by ALANDIA

Dear Absintheurs and Absintheuses!

We hope you have had a good summer with some relaxing chill-out times! We spent some days in Middle America and found this straight-forward advertisement for a local green spirit. We immediately had to think of the Green Fairy :-) !

Green is as well our Absinthe of the Month: Strong68 is strong, meaning that it is distilled with an extra portion of wormwood. That´s why many of our customers love it. It is actually our bestselling Absinthe. Strong68 is distilled in France, 100% naturally colored and its taste traditionally herbal with a slightly bitter note. That´s why we recommend to drink Strong68 with one sugar cube. If you are looking for a powerful Absinthe full of inspiration, then Strong68 should be your pick!

Interested in more news…? You can read the complete newsletter here: ALANDIA Absinthe Newsletter


The days of old: Absinthe Party 2003

5:11 pm in Absinthe Party, ALANDIA by ALANDIA

It is already a while ago, but never forgetting the good old days is sort of a lifestyle. In the following you can see some pictures from our legendary Absinthe Parties we held in Cologne!


We write the year 2003…

For this ALANDIA Absinthe party event we rented a cellar in an old tower. The party Vol. II took place on 23.05.2003. People enjoyed it as we did!



Absinthe Brouilleur Auto Verseur back in stock!

4:58 pm in Absinthe Accessories, ALANDIA by ALANDIA

These Absinthe Brouilleurs were out of stock for a long time. Now we received new stock! This delightful dripper is an exact replica of the famous “Auto verseur”, originally produced by the absinthe maker Cusenier. It was a popular accessory in the mid-19th century. The dripper is fascinating, as the water flows over a see saw into the absinthe glass. You simply place the dripper on top of the glass and add water to the reservoir bowl. The balancing mechanism (see saw) underneath allows small amounts of ice water to flow into the waiting absinthe glass. As soon as the water touches the absinthe, you will experience the beautiful louche.

You can order the Absinthe Brouilleur Auto Verseur in our shop.



News from the World of Absinthe

7:16 pm in ALANDIA by ALANDIA

Dear Absintheurs!

we have some news for you. This time these news are packaged into a little quiz. So if you are ready for some challenge and education, then check out our newsletter!

The Absinthe Quiz Newsletter

All the best from the team,



Absinthe Sneaker Nike Air Max ALANDIA ID

11:14 am in ALANDIA by ALANDIA

Dear Absintheurs!

We at ALANDIA like to play around a bit. Therefore we designed the first ALANDIA Absinthe Nike Air Max ID Sneaker. The shoe is in our corporate colors black and green and has the “Fairy Wing Logo” at the back. Red is used to give the shoe a bit of  contrast and glamour. How do you like it? Unfortunately it is just a prototype, but maybe our staff will get them to get uniformed :-)

Cheers, your ALANDIA Team!

The first Absinthe Sneaker from ALANDIA!



Fernet del Frate Angelico now available at ALANDIA

1:01 pm in ALANDIA by ALANDIA

Fernets are the “new” thing of the bar scene in NYC. Naturally bitter, they can be used for all cocktails that normally make use of bar bitters. In the speak easy bar “Employees Only” for example, Fernets are served with vermouth or whiskey.

But what exactly is a Fernet? Although some might think that Fernet is a brand name, it is in fact a bitter category. There are conflicting data when it comes to the origin of this spirit. But it is assumed, that the spirit is named after its iventor, the Italian monk Frate Angelico Fernet (pronounced ‘Fair-Nay’). It is said, that Fernets have magical virtues – formerly they were used for everything from a cure-all tonic to hangover cure. Today there are still several Italian Fernet producers, but most is made in tiny quantities for local rural Italian consumption. The various known recipes most typically share ingredients such as Saffron, Aloe, Gentian, Quinquina, Anise, Angelica, Mint and Myrrh. This latter ingredient, along with Saffron, is extremely rare and expensive, but builds the backbone of the best Fernets. Of course it is as well used for the production of Fernet del Frate Angelico.

This amazing liqueur stands up in quality from anything available on the modern market. It is made in micro-batches by hand at the Matter Distillery in Switzerland following an original, hand-written recipe, purchased by the distillery’s original owner in 1930 from a long-closed Italian distillery. Fernet del Frate Angelico can be sipped on its own, but shines in skillfully-made cocktails. Fernet del Frate Angelico is now available at ALANDIA. Here you can buy a bottle online.


Christmas Gifts – Absinthe is the perfect gift!

1:43 pm in ALANDIA by ALANDIA

Dear Absintheur!

In 2001 – 12 years ago – ALANDIA started selling authentic Absinthe and Absinthe accessories. Supported by Absintheurs all around the world ALANDIA quickly developed to one of the leading Absinthe online shops worldwide.

Every single customer has helped us to be where we are right now. Therefore we qnt to say Thank You! Your continued business and loyalty are deeply appreciated. We look forward to being a part of many more of your “Green hours” in the years to come. With our best wishes from all of us at ALANDIA, Merry Christmas!

To get Christmas gifts in time please be aware of these Christmas-safe shipping dates:













Take a look at our special Christmas Sets – The perfect gift for Christmas!

Absinthe for Christmas

Happy Holidays from the World of Absinthe,

Your ALANDIA Team!


Absinthe for Christmas 2013!

11:42 am in ALANDIA by ALANDIA

Dear Absintheurs!

it´s getting cold outside – at least where we live :-) – so Christmas is coming closer! It still takes some time, but now is already a good time to think who of your friends deserves a good bottle of Absinthe (or Gin) or some premium accessories for Christmas. Just take a look at our Christmas section in our online shop for gift inspirations. We have some nice sets there which you can customize to your preferences!

Absinthe for Christmas, that´s a good idea – Here are the Gift sets!

Absinthe for Christmas!

We recommend ordering early to get your Christmas gifts in time!

Last Christmas shipping dates:

USA December 13th, EU 16th, Germany 20th

All the best and happy holidays,

Your ALANDIA Team!


Happy Halloween from the World of Absinthe!

2:21 pm in ALANDIA by ALANDIA

Dear Absintheurs,

the time has come, Halloween 2013 is there! To get you in the right mood, we present you the ALANDIA Halloween picture of 2013, featuring the Skull Gang “Hamlet Hardcore”! We wish you a happy AND spooky night with a good glass of Absinthe!

Cheers, your ALANDIA Team!