The new Slipstream Absinthe Pipe Ritual

Dear Absintheur, this is our latest arrival, the Slipstream Absinthe Pipe! This unique pipe was invented to bring together a convenient modern day Absinthe experience that embraces the traditional roots of the Absinthe louche ritual. Sipping Absinthe with this pipe is a real experience! It creates the best louche ever! We especially like this absinthe accessory as it was inventend by a friend of us, Dimitri. 6 years ago we met at the “Fete de l´Absinthe” Absinthe festival in Boveresse (Switzerland). At this time Dimitri already had some ideas how one can optimize the louche experience. Nevertheless it took some years till the first prototype was available. Now, 6 years later fortunately the vague idea became a real product, the Slipstream Absinthe Pipe is now available for sale!    …Continue reading “The new Slipstream Absinthe Pipe Ritual”

New Absinthe fountains have arrived (plus other Absinthe accessories)

It took a long time, but now they are here: The one and only replica Absinthe Fountain! Absinthe fountains drive the Absinthe ritual to perfection. You fill the glass bowl with ice cubes and water and then let the water drip through the spigots into your Absinthe glass. It creates the best louche ever! And these Absinthe fountains are also nice to look at, even when they are not in use…

Check out the premium Absinthe Fountain AAA and watch a video of the Absinthe fountain ritual! We also received new stock of Absinthe Brouilleurs. These little absinthe accessories are placed over your Absinthe glass and are also used to blend the Absinthe with water.

And the handmade version of the famous Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier has arrived. These glasses are the  most authentic Absinthe glasses. They have a reservoir in the stem to measure the correct serving size of Absinthe. Check them out here: Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier

The Classic French Absinthe Ritual

This is the first of a series of videos dealing with the different kind of preparations of Absinthe. Absintheurs call this part ritual, because it´s exactly this!

You take your time, get your favourite Absinthe off the shelf, a stylish Absinthe glass, have your icecold water prepared, your spoon ready and some sugar cubes nearby… Here you go… Sometimes it´s different: You have a brandnew, never-tried-before Absinthe, maybe a new Absinthe accessory like an Absinthe fountain or an Absinthe brouille and a different kind of preparation. We will show that later down the road, but first things first and this of course can only be The Classic French Absinthe Ritual. Feel free to post any comments about this ritual, maybe you have some slight variations for us.