Absinthe Strong68 Review: Is it any good?

Dear Absintheurs, Strong68 is an all time favorite. It is the bestselling Absinthe of ALANDIA from the day it was launched (2002) until today (2015). People love this Absinthe for its strong Absinthe effect. Nevertheless you can find some harsh reviews in the net about Strong68. You can read that the Absinthe is “very bitter” and the Absinthe forum Wormwoodsociety even calls it “Another ‘Czechsinthe’ product with macerated Wormwood”. Why is this the case? How can a besteller have such a bad reputation…?

The answer is easy: Most of the reviews you find in the net are old reviews, meaning that they were published before 2012.  They refer to the very first Strong68 which was a macerated Absinthe (indeed very bitter). In 2012 the recipe of Strong68 was totally revised. ALANDIA changed the recipe from a macerate to a distillate. Also the production moved from a German distillery to a traditional distillery in France. Overall the “new” Strong68 which is sold since 2012 is a totally different Absinthe in comparison to the former version. Nevertheless its strong character remains. It is still a very strong Absinthe with a perfect Absinthe effect, as its recipe is based on a high amount of wormwood. You can say the recipe is straight forward. Besides its strength, the “new” Strong68 is a 100% natural Absinthe, meaning that it is naturally colored by herbs. It contains no additional sugar, therefore it is as pure as it can be. The taste is fresh and herbal, with only a slight bitterness. If you buy a bottle we can almost guarantee you, that you will like it!

You can also check the positive feedback for the “new” Strong68 by looking at the customer reviews for Strong68. Starting from 2012 “bitterness” or “harshness” is not mentioned by any Absintheur. Instead people appreciate its smooth taste and strong effect. Cheers!

Absinthe Contest – Which Absinthe is the winner?

Yesterday we had  a little Absinthe contest. We sampled Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier, Absinthe Berthe de Joux and Absinthe Butterfly. Our overall winner was Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier. It  has a very creamy mouth feel, with a good anise base, which is surrounded by wonderful additional herbal notes.  This separates this Absinthe in our opinion from the other two competitors.

Absinthe Berthe de Joux is on our opinion too flat. Don´t misunderstand us, the Absinthe has a very unique taste, but we miss a “base” where these fine notes are build upon.

Absinthe Butterfly wins the second place. We love the fresh citrus taste of this Absinthe. But it is too special to qualify as an overall winner. In the category “specialty” it would win the first price.

What´s your opinion about these Absinthes?