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Absinthe Contest – Which Absinthe is the winner?

1:14 pm in Absinthe Brands, Absinthe Reviews by ALANDIA

Yesterday we had  a little Absinthe contest. We sampled Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier, Absinthe Berthe de Joux and Absinthe Butterfly. Our overall winner was Absinthe Vieux Pontarlier. It  has a very creamy mouth feel, with a good anise base, which is surrounded by wonderful additional herbal notes.  This separates this Absinthe in our opinion from the other two competitors.

Absinthe Berthe de Joux is on our opinion too flat. Don´t misunderstand us, the Absinthe has a very unique taste, but we miss a “base” where these fine notes are build upon.

Absinthe Butterfly wins the second place. We love the fresh citrus taste of this Absinthe. But it is too special to qualify as an overall winner. In the category “specialty” it would win the first price.

What´s your opinion about these Absinthes?


Absinthe Butterfly – First Reviews

11:49 am in Absinthe Brands, Absinthe Reviews by ALANDIA

Meanwhile the first bottles of the new Absinthe Butterfly have arrived the tasting rooms. Michael has send us some pictures. What is your opinion about this Absinthe. Write your Absinthe review here!



Absinthe Butterfly Louche


Absinthe – Which one is the best..?

11:59 am in Absinthe Reviews by ALANDIA

Absintheurs, now it is time for you to give some advice to other Absintheurs. Which Absinthe would YOU recommend for a:

  1. Beginner (what should he start with?)
  2. An advanced Absintheur (quality counts)
  3. An effect seeker (buzz is important)

Please advise and discuss based on your personal point of view!