Absinthe Scene in the movie Alfie

Absinthe was as well featured in the movie “Alfie” with Jude Law and Susan Sarandon. Susan explains to Alfie the secret of the Green Fairy and its seductive qualities. They prepare it using the Bohemian Ritual, with fire, Hollywood likes it to be more exciting… The Absinthe scene starts at minute 1.


Absinthe Scene in Eurotrip

This movie created a big buzz for Absinthe. We often received inquiries like “Do you sell the Absinthe from Eurotrip..?”. First of all, such an nucelar green glowing Absinthe doesn´t exist, it is a Hollywood film requisite. And of course Absinthe doesn´t make you hallucinate. But the movie is funny, full of prejudices, but sometimes they can be quite funny 😉