For sale: Vintage Absinthe Pernod Fils

Do you want to own a bottle of vintage Absinthe…?

This Vintage Pernod Fils Absinthe Bottle can be yours, because we are willing to sell it 🙂 It can be dated to the 1960s and is from the Pernod Fils Tarragona distillery from Spain. Pernod moved its production to Spain after Absinthe got prohibited in France. Partly, the bottle still has its original wrapping, which is rarely the case. We took it off for some pictures, so that you have a better view on the bottle itself.

As you can see the labels are in good condition. The bottle has 0.75 liters. The price is 950 Euro including Courier Express Shipping. This is of course a lot, but vintage Absinthe can be seen as an investment for the future. The price will increase, because there are only limited bottles still available on the market. If you are interested, please send us a private message at mail(at)



Vintage Absinthe from France

Today we want to present you a vintage Absinthe brand: Absinthe Rivoire Frères (Rivoire and brothers). This Absinthe was distilled in Marseille, France. Recently we found and bought two small bottles of this vintage Absinthe. One of the bottles is now for sale. Unfortunately the bottle is empty but it still has its original label and cork. The bottle can be dated to 1900-1910. When you are interested, here you can buy one of the bottles: Absinthe Rivoire Freres. Below you find some pictures of the bottle and some pictures taking reference to the history of this vintage Absinthe brand: You can see the owner of the distillery, Mr. Jules Rivoire, some old advertisements, a table with a Rivoire Freres caraffe and a picture with a hot air ballon with “Rivoire Freres” advertising from the World Exposition, which was held in Marseille in 1906.

Absinthe Pernod Fils Tarragona 1940-1960s

Absinthe was banned in France in 1915. Nevertheless, there was still a big demand for absinthe throughout the world. Pernod Fils, the most popular absinthe brand during that time, resettled its absinthe distillery to Spain, and Original Pernod Fils Absinthe continued to be distilled over the border until the late 1960s. Pernod followed the tradition and used the
French Pernod Fils absinthe ecipe from the 1900s, uninterrupted apart from a pause during the second world war.

We recently were lucky to acquire one bottle of original Pernod Fils Tarragona Absinthe for our private museum. The bottle can be dated to 1950/1960. As you can see, the filling level, labels and tax seal are still in perfect condition. That is, what makes us happy 🙂

Absinthe Collectibles – Vintage Postcard

Below you can see our latest absinthe collectible acquisition for our absinthe museum. Yes, we have a personal one, it is our “showroom” where all bottles are stored and a gramophone waits for some private Heure Vertes. The postcard shown below is an “anti-absinthe” movement postcard. At the end of the heights of the Green Fairy Absinthe was blamed for being poisonous. The postcard shows two men sitting at a table drinking a glass of absinthe. At the neighboring table one man drinks a glass of milk. The two men blame the third for being such a lame duck, but he replies that absinthe is bad for the health:

Two men: Hey! Look at that guy drinking milk!

Third man: Exactly, so I won’t poison myself with your dirty absinthe, and boiled milk at that, so I don’t risk contracting tuberculosis.

Funny piece of history…


Antique Lighter Advertising Premier Fils Absinthe

I’ve been collecting antique absinthe memorabilia for a while now and have some glasses, spoons and other stuff, but have never seen one of these before. It’s an antique lighter that has an engraved advertisement for Premier Fils absinthe on one side. When I got it, it needed a thorough cleaning and was missing a few items. It lacked a flint, flint spring and wick. I canabalized and old Zippo lighter for the spring, which had to be cut down in size, and good friend Jeannie Van Buren was kind enough to supply a new Zippo wick and flint. In the second picture you can see that it is now in functional condition. If anyone out there has another absinthe  advertising please let me know.