The new Slipstream Absinthe Pipe Ritual

Dear Absintheur, this is our latest arrival, the Slipstream Absinthe Pipe! This unique pipe was invented to bring together a convenient modern day Absinthe experience that embraces the traditional roots of the Absinthe louche ritual. Sipping Absinthe with this pipe is a real experience! It creates the best louche ever! We especially like this absinthe accessory as it was inventend by a friend of us, Dimitri. 6 years ago we met at the “Fete de l´Absinthe” Absinthe festival in Boveresse (Switzerland). At this time Dimitri already had some ideas how one can optimize the louche experience. Nevertheless it took some years till the first prototype was available. Now, 6 years later fortunately the vague idea became a real product, the Slipstream Absinthe Pipe is now available for sale!    …Continue reading “The new Slipstream Absinthe Pipe Ritual”

Absinthe Fountain Classic – The best fountain on the market

By mid November we will get the best Absinthe fountain: The Classic Absinthe Fountain. It really is the best Absinthe fountain on the market. Therefore, when you are planning to buy a metal fountain, we recommend to wait a bit. Don´t purchase inferior quality fountains (the ones we all dealt with the last couple of years…) somewhere else, you will definitely regret it.
   …Continue reading “Absinthe Fountain Classic — The best fountain on the market”

Absinthe Brouilleur Terminus

“Bienfaisante”, this was the marketing claim for the famous French Absinthe Terminus. Bienfaisante means beneficial and was refering to the healthy qualities of this fine spirit. Indeed Absinthe helps against stomach problems, but of course such a glorification of the spirit is a typical example of how advertising was made during the 19th century. Below, in our gallery, you can see the original 1892 poster for Absinthe Terminus. On the poster two famous stage personalities of the day are shown: Constant Coquelin and Sarah Bernhardt. Benoît-Constant Coquelin (23 January 1841 – 27 January 1909), known as Coquelin aîné (“Coquelin the Eldest”), was a French actor and one of the greatest theatrical figures of the age. In 1900 Coquelin toured in America with Sarah Bernhardt, appeared on Broadway’s Garden Theatre in a production of Cyrano de Bergerac (Bernhardt played Roxane). He made his only film, the duel scene from Cyrano de Bergerac with sound recording on phonograph cylinder. The film is thought to be the first ever made with both color and sound. Besides this iconic advertising Terminus Absinthe is also known for several Absinthe accessories. They produced for example an Absinthe fountain decorated with the French cock and the famous Terminus Brouilleur. This legendary Brouilleur is now available as an authentic reproduction. Although the inscription on the Brouilleur is now different, to avoid misunderstandings of what is the original item. In the 19th century Terminus used the following wording:    …Continue reading “Absinthe Brouilleur Terminus”

Absinthe Brouilleur Auto Verseur back in stock!

These Absinthe Brouilleurs were out of stock for a long time. Now we received new stock! This delightful dripper is an exact replica of the famous “Auto verseur”, originally produced by the absinthe maker Cusenier. It was a popular accessory in the mid-19th century. The dripper is fascinating, as the water flows over a see saw into the absinthe glass. You simply place the dripper on top of the glass and add water to the reservoir bowl. The balancing mechanism (see saw) underneath allows small amounts of ice water to flow into the waiting absinthe glass. As soon as the water touches the absinthe, you will experience the beautiful louche.

Absinthe Decanter Portieux in stock!

You know, we are always on the search for authentic absinthe reproductions to create this unique feeling of nostalgia. Now we have a new cool absinthe accessory available. The Absinthe Decanter Portieux. It is a dual-mouthed Absinthe carafe. Why? Because it was like this back in the old days and it has a perfect functionality: One large hole is for filling the decanter with water and ice. The other one is a small spout for a precise and fine water drip during the traditional Absinthe ritual. The dual-mouthed Absinthe decanter is the one and only carafe especially made for use with Absinthe. Former originals were produced during the years between 1910-20. Below you can see the original 1914 barware catalogue from the French glass manufacturer Portieux. We hope you will have a good time with this unique absinthe accessory, enjoy your journey….

Absinthe Spoon Paris 1889 Silver Plated

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated in 1889…? No? That´s not of a problem! When you decide to get our Absinthe of the Month Heritage Verte you will never forget this date. Why? Because every bottle is accompanied by one silver plated Paris 1889 Absinthe spoon. This Absinthe spoon is an authentic reproduction of the Absinthe spoon which was made for the festivities in 1889.

And here are some more interesting information about the world famous Eiffel Tower: The tower is named after its architect and designer Gustave Eiffel. The project was proposed in 1884 as the eyecatcher of the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1889. It should mark the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. Over 700 design proposals were handed in, but Eiffel’s tower proved to be the most popular. Maybe you already knew these facts but did you know the following…?

The design was not originally meant for Paris, but for the Universal Exposition of 1888 which was held in Barcelona, Spain. The Spanish rejected the design; only then did Eiffel enter it for consideration for the 1889 fair in Paris. Imagine the Spanish would have liked the design!

Cheers and always look on the bright side of life!

Absinthe Fountains are back in stock

Have you ever thought of buying an Absinthe fountain..? An Absinthe fountain is one of the most beautiful Absinthe accessories available. It temptates with its female shapes and its aura of nostalgia. And of course it is the most professional and authentic way to drink a glass of Absinthe. We just received new stock of the one and only Antique and Lady Absinthe fountains. Now is the best time to order one, especially as we don´t have too many in stock.

Absinthe Skull Glass – Just awesome..!

The unique and awesome Skull Absinthe glasses have arrived! These glasses have a skull in the inside and are large enough for one diluted Absinthe. They just look scary and yes, AWESOME! Get yourself a bottle of absinthe Hamlet Hardcore plus two glasses and experience this unique feeling. We have shown these absinthe skull glasses to our friends and absolutely everyone said, awesome, I want one!!

Check out these glasses in our Absinthe shop. Below you see one glass filled with Absinthe Hamlet Hardcore Red plus ice cold water. We call this drink the Shot of Death!

Absinthe Accessories – van Gogh Absinthe set

This beautiful Absinthe accessories set has arrived. It consists out of the same absinthe decanter and absinthe glass that van Gogh painted back in the days. We love this Absinthe set as it transmits this unique feeling of nostalgia. Where did we get aware of this set? Well, in decembber we visited Amsterdam and also stopped by at the van Gogh museum. There they sold this Absinthe set and we fell in love directly as we saw it. Therefore we asked the manager if we can have them for ALANDIA… And here they are now, we bought the whole stock! This is a unique chance to get these Absinthe accessoires, as they aren´t produced anymore. We got the last ones and can offer them to you for an attractive price. Get one before it is too late, we love it, and we are sure you will do as well!

New Absinthe fountains have arrived (plus other Absinthe accessories)

It took a long time, but now they are here: The one and only replica Absinthe Fountain! Absinthe fountains drive the Absinthe ritual to perfection. You fill the glass bowl with ice cubes and water and then let the water drip through the spigots into your Absinthe glass. It creates the best louche ever! And these Absinthe fountains are also nice to look at, even when they are not in use…

Check out the premium Absinthe Fountain AAA and watch a video of the Absinthe fountain ritual! We also received new stock of Absinthe Brouilleurs. These little absinthe accessories are placed over your Absinthe glass and are also used to blend the Absinthe with water.

And the handmade version of the famous Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier has arrived. These glasses are the  most authentic Absinthe glasses. They have a reservoir in the stem to measure the correct serving size of Absinthe. Check them out here: Absinthe Glass Reservoir Pontarlier