Absinthe ALANDIA Collection – Authentic Absinthe in Tubes

You often asked us, if the ALANDIA Absinthes are as well available in smaller sample bottles. We reacted and created the ALANDIA Collection Absinthe Set! The set includes the Premium ALANDIA Absinthes Absinthe République, Absinthe Epoque, Absinthe Maison ALANDIA, Absinthe Heritage and Absinthe Suisse Verte Clandestine.

The ALANDIA Collection is the perfect sample set for beginners and experts and as well a great Absinthe gift set for any serious Absintheur who wants to experience what authentic Absinthe tastes like; with all its facets: This set includes Absinthe Vertes from France, Switzerland and Germany as well as the three times distilled, extra smooth Blanche Absinthe République. Whoever possess this set won´t be dissapointed! All Absinthe tubes are as well available individually.